Thursday, 6 March 2014

no time for minis

Hi All

Yes its true, I have no time for minis.
I am busy clearing up my mums belongings, its a job tat I am doing with mixed feelings, a lot of memories are coming back, had a few more tears, some days it doesn't seem true and I find myself thinking must tell mum that, then I remember, she is no longer here.

I do talk to her, when I am on my own, I chat away telling her things that are happening, makes it easier in a way, I just hope she can hear me.

We ventured in the loft a while ago and I sorted out stuff for ebay, some for a garage sale and some for the charity shop. i put a load of bits on ebay last week and  could not believe it I had a bidding frenzy for, wait for it, Talking Kevin, from Home alone film, apparently it was a rare doll, and to think I nearly put it in the garage sale box!!

So this week I am checking everything before I decide what to do with it.

By the time I have got everything photographed and cataloged, I have no time left, and then I have to upload them to ebay, write  a description and work out postage, wow no wonder I have so little time left.

I am struggling with one of her collections, my mum collected china dolls, the big ones, they are beautiful and she paid  a lot of money for them, they are still in their original boxes complete with certificates, I will not be putting them on ebay, I have found a doll and toy auction near to where we live, so I am going to contact them for advice. I know my mum brought them as an investment, I just hope they are. 

One of my saddest jobs was to clear out her clothes, there were some still with tags still on, I never knew she had so many clothes, these have now gone to a charity shop.

On a more cheerful note, my daughter in law Amy came home last week, she had baby scans for me to see, it was amazing what  advances technology has made, when I had my first child, scans were only for mums where there may of been a problem and now they are a everyday occurrence, and the detail, no we do not know what the sex is, but Amy did say she wants to know and they will be able to tell them on the next scan, at least then I will know what colours to knit in.

Well I have chatted long enough, I have more photos to upload.

Monday, 3 March 2014

blog playing up again

Hi All

after getting above myself and saying I had fixed my blog, it crashed, I lost the lot plus other work non my laptop, how fed up was I, I had a very nasty virus, so I had to call in the laptop doctor, lucky for me it was a friend of mind.
He had to revert my laptop back to its factory settings and I got my laptop back. But everything was missing!! then I remembered I backed up my files ect on cloud, this is where my files are floating about somewhere, anyway popped in my password and there was my files and photos. I am now transferring everything back.

I was very worried as I had items on ebay, but my dad lent me his for a few days, so crisis averted. soon be back to blogging.