Thursday, 7 March 2013

What a day

Hi All

I am feeling pretty good at the moment, my new inhaler is working and I am not as breathless, so I decided to look through my stash and sort out bits I do not want, I was really ruthless and if I could not do anything with it then out it went. Now I have a load of stuff to go on eBay this weekend, Phew

I did take time out to start painting the front of my music shop, I decided on a lovely dark green with a red door. I am trying out  some stuff my dad gave me, its called Maskol, you paint it on the areas where you do not want the paint to go and when it finished painting you just peel it off, anyone tried it?
Will let you know what I think of it, hope it works.

I went shopping the other day with my mum and dad, I could not resist a lovely little bird box, as if I needed another one, I have 8 in my garden, some are in the shed waiting to be painted, but I love bird boxes.
well enough rambling, have a look at my pictures

the green looks grey in the picture, but it is really green honest.

my new bird box,


Wednesday, 6 March 2013

finally finishing projects

Hi All

yes I finally got my arse into gear and managed to finish off some projects, was on a real roll, got very creative with a couple of fans and masks, anyway you have a look for yourselves

Monday, 4 March 2013

MiniFanaticus: Minifanaticus Easter Givaway!!!

MiniFanaticus: Minifanaticus Easter Givaway!!!: MINIFANATICUS EASTER GIVEAWAY!!!   Yes folks, you knew this was coming did you not? So it's that time of year again, and to go with ...

And another great blog with a fantastic give a way, have a look

The Sunny Hours 1:12 miniatures: Second Give-Away! Drugi Give-Away!

The Sunny Hours 1:12 miniatures: Second Give-Away! Drugi Give-Away!

Here is your first one, the hardest part is choosing what you would like to win, pop over and have a look, while you are at it look round her blog, lots of lovely things to see

Its Monday

Hi All

 Finally I am beginning to feel normal, whatever that is, still have a bit of a cough, but the runny nose as stopped, today I have my usual blood tests and I have now got to attend the COPD clinic, as I have damage to my lungs, I now come under this umbrella, they will be looking after me and monitoring my breathing.

Had a good weekend, went to a railway exhibition on Saturday with my dad, saw some lovely layouts, I am fascinated by the tiny n gauge, the scenery was lovely, picked up some ballast that I can use for dirt in my garden or pots, and some white stone chippings, I have been collecting stuff for a garden scene, another project sitting waiting to be done,

I seem to be getting quite a list of projects waiting to be done and if I did not have enough I went and brought another caravan from ebay, that now makes 3!!

The one I started I had to stop as it needs a lot of  sanding and need to do it outside, I am waiting for the warmer weather. My new one is lovely, will be a bit of challenge to furnish it, but I am sure I will think of something.

I have my mini club this evening and we are supposed to take along the projects we are working on, our challenge was make a scene from an unusual containers, I have done very little, so I worked on it last night and going to do a bit more this morning before I go off to the clinics. will have to post a picture,

My friend finished making my room box so I can start on my mini shop,

Anyway as its Monday I will be flying around the web looking for give a ways for you to enter,
Let me know if you enter and win.

couple of photo's for you

this will be the music shop

my new caravan