Sunday, 18 December 2011

I'm ready

Yes I am all ready, presents wrapped, cards written, decorations up. last night I finished my son's jumper, very pleased with the end result, cannot show you a picture just in case he reads my blog, I just hope it fits.

No time for minis, I am visiting relatives, having visitors, my little dogs are having their nails cut this week and maybe a trim, and yes they have presents under the tree, my little puppy, Muppet has been so good, apart from her first look at the tree she has not bothered with it, they both seem fascinated by the lights, they do sit and look at them.

I am really busy after Christmas I have 2 hospital appointments in different hospitals, one is for my rt. arm and shoulder, to see if they can relieve the pain, the other is at the cardiology unit, I have been having a bit of chest pain, my GP thinks its indigestion, but in view of my problems earlier this year ( I had a heart attack and bilateral clots to my lungs ) she felt it would be wise for me to see a specialist, love the way she said do not worry but if you get severe pain dial 999!!!  hopefully it will prove to be nothing.

Looking forward to seeing my son, Thomas he is home from Scotland this week, its been ages since I saw him, having him home is a great present I need no more.

Well my friends all that is left for me to do is to wish you all              
                                               A HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

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