Saturday, 21 April 2012

la casa di Lu: birthday giveaway

la casa di Lu: birthday giveaway: ...lo so.... si è da poco concluso il mio primo giveaway e già ne sto facendo un altro..... ma non potevo non condividere con tutti voi il m...
a great blog, I fell in love with it, take a look

got distracted

Hi All
I went into my work room, ready to finish my sink unit, I noticed the lovely lace I had brought from the fair it looked like it could be made into net curtains for the shop window.
Here's how I did it.

First I measured the lace, to determine the amount I needed, I was able to make it so I had the curves at each window.

I got some pink ribbon and using a small running stitch I attached the ribbon and gathered the lace

I then added pink roses to the bottom of the gathered lace

I painted a kebab stick pink, added gold findings to the ends, and used little gold rings to attach the net, this will then be placed in the window,
I am not ready yet, in fact I am a long way off to putting up curtains, but as I said I could not resist making them.

I also had a good clear out in my work room, I am running out of space, I made the decision to put my Victorian House into the loft, I do not have the time to finish it. I have so many projects that I am doing and I have also got a commission for a room box as  artists studio, so something had to give.
I have lots of space now for my work.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Mojo well and trully back

Hi All

My mojo is back, hurrah, finally I am again enjoying my miniatures. I am feeling quite well, aches and pains not so bad. Waiting for an appointment to see the chest specialist.

Anyway, enough of me, lets get on to the hopefully interesting bits.

I am getting there with the painting of the shop, why does it take so long for paint to dry.
I had a bit of a disaster with my ceiling papers, after I painted them, they started to come away from the ceiling, I tried to use a glue stick to attach the paper, ( I heard this was good to use) and yes it was fine till I painted it, then it just started to sag in places, I waited to see if it looked any different when the paint was dry, but no, it looked horrible, so I removed them, I then had to clean off the glue!!! finally I just painted both ceilings white, still looks ok.

I also put in the coving and reattached the base, this is now ready for me to put in the floor, job for today.

I started making furniture and bits for the living space, this will have a small kitchen area and living area and will be open plan, so after deciding where I wanted to place things, I started to make my bits. I also made the stairs steeper by cutting off a couple of the steps, I did this as the stairs took up too much room, and I thought it does not matter in the dolls house world if the stairs are steep. Well that's what I am telling myself.

I have made a kitchen sink and cabinet, I used cardboard and paper, still need to add doors, but nearly done, the tiles came from some paper I had for card making, I thought they looked good as tiles, I also paper to represent the Formica on the top, I varnished this, so far looking good. The sink is just cardboard, shaped and painted silver, I used a small finding for the plug hole, will be adding taps and plug later today.

I wanted a plate rack, for this I used large lolly sticks, cut to size, balsa wood, and cocktail sticks to make the rack, I painted it dark green and distressed it, in the picture it looks quite dark.

I also made a small shelf and painted it the same green.

I had 2 lovely shapes of wood in my stash, so I made these into notice boards for the shop, I painted them pink and blue, used black to represent the board, added a clock, this is just a cut out attached to a button, ( one of my friends on face book showed us the clocks) added shelves, just want to add some writing and they will be finished.

I also made some signs, using scraps of wood and printies, some will be in the shop and I may have some in the flat above, still need to add chains.

So you can see I have been busy. Anyway enough chat, here are the photos.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

strange day yesterday

Hi all
it was a strange day yesterday, as you know I had prepared myself for not being able to do anything!! so when I went into my work room thinking I will start to decorate my shabby chic shop, I found I could not get my self in gear to start, I sat and just looked at my work, I thought read some of your many books, tried that, could not concentrate, then I thought just pick something up, so I did, I have another bed that I had started some time ago, but even that did not get me going.
Then I thought start to decorate my shop, even that did not work.
I think what it was I had been preparing myself for my operation and in my mind I still had the thoughts of what I would be doing with out the use of my rt arm.

What I did in the end is sat and read through your lovely blogs, gradually I started to feel better in myself and could turn my thoughts to my miniatures.
I thank you all for giving me back my inspiration and making me feel better.

I then went back into my work room and got started.

It was difficult to decorate as the shop was already built, I like to decorate before construction, so armed with my hammer, I managed to take off the roof and the base, I left the rest as it looked as I could do some damage.
I decided that the shop would have rough plastered walls and a old wooden floor,
I mixed up some wall filler and applied it to the walls, making it hopefully look rough, when it had dried, I mixed up white and light brown and painted it, I still need to dirty it up a bit, that's one of the jobs for today. I also gave the wooden floor a light wash of white paint, I wiped it over before it dried, so only the slightest amount of white was left, I then applied a matt varnish to protect it.

On the next floor, which will be the living space, I wallpapered the ceiling with some embossed paper, and I had some nice striped wallpaper so that went on the walls.
After my bad start I was pleased with what I had done, and I was very glad I have got my mojo back.

Just a update on my health problems, I have contacted my GP and she is now referring me to the chest clinic, so now got to wait for an appointment.

there are also some pictures of some of the bits I got from the fair, I do have some more, but I forget to pick them up, luckly I contacted the people I got them from and they found them and are going to send them to me, so when they arrive will show you.

Here are some photos of yesterdays work.

the walls, plastered, not yet painted

the wooden floor

items from the fair, ( I have a thing about material) the baskets are so delicate

I loved this

how cute is this

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Monday, 16 April 2012

some news

Hi All
well things did not go quite as planned today, I presented myself to the factory, oops I mean hospital, where a machine gave me 2 bracelets to wear, I then was directed to a unit, where I was signed in, more bloods taken and placed in a cabin, to await my op, then along come the anaesthetist, who listens to my heart and lungs, he kept tutting, listening and tutting, I was slightly put off to see on the front of my notes in red. High Risk, this lady came in and said I would be in the main theatre due to my high risk, as they did not have the facilities to cope in this day unit if anything went wrong, by now my confidence was sinking fast, I then got the news, the anaesthetist was cancelling my operation, he was not happy with what he was hearing and he wants me to be referred to the chest clinic, as one of my lungs was in a spasm and apparently my lungs was laboured and he felt if he went ahead and put me to sleep, I would end up in ITU and very ill, I was dressed in a flash and nearly out of the door, on top of all that my blood is now at the wrong levels and I have to continue to have the injections for another week plus tablets.
So tomorrow morning I will be contacting my GP and starting another round of investigations. I will still be having the operation but at a later date.

The good thing is I can now get on with my shabby chic shop.

see ya

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Its that time

Hi All
I had a great time at the fair yesterday, I brought some lovely items, I will be taking photos so you can see.

I met up with friends and we enjoyed a relaxing coffee and a natter before we ventured home,

Well the dreaded day has arrived, I have had my last drink, have got to be nil by mouth now, bit nervous, did not sleep that well, but I am thinking later on I will have a good sleep, I have had my shower, shaved my legs, WHY? I do not know as its my arm he will be looking at not my legs!!,

anyway not got a lot of time to sit and chat, will be back as soon as I can, we will see what happens today.

See ya