Monday, 24 June 2013

been a bit distracted

Hi All
I have been a bit of a bad blogger, I have had some serious real life problems that have taken over my life at the moment, so have not had the time or the energy to blog, even my miniatures have had to take a back seat, but I think things are beginning to settle down, I hope so.

I am going to Edinburgh on Sunday, its my son's graduation on the Monday, really proud of him and what he has achieved, I am staying there for 5 days, I am looking forward to it.

I have got one thing made, its a lovely shadow box, I made  this at the request of my friend, she is going to a wedding and wanted something different, I have made these before, and she is now going to have samples in her shop to see if she can get me orders, would be nice, anyway have a look.

I hope now that life has settled I can get on with my minis, I am making a gypsy caravan for a fortune teller, its still in the painting stages, I have changed my mind to the colour a few times, but I do feel now I have the colour I want, will pop on some photos when I am happy with it.
Until then have fun