Wednesday, 24 December 2014


HI All

First I want to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart,  for your kind words and support you have given me over this past year, I know that we only know each other through our personal blogs, but you have always been there when I have felt down or sad with words of comfort and hope. Thank you xxxx

well the big day finally looms, presents are wrapped, fridge is full, and a new year is on its way.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and the new year brings you good health and all that you want.

I imagine lots of you will be making plans, hopefully about your miniatures, I know I have, I intend to start on my big house, (still in its box from last Christmas). It will become my modern day shopping emporium, I hope to share with you all,the good and the bad and take you all along the building of this. I want to make nearly everything myself, and will show you how I do this. I also want to change the lower floor layout, so be prepared for lots of sweat and tears, but hopefully in the end a great looking shop.

I look forward to seeing your projects and reading your blogs, they give me inspiration and ideas. 
here are some printies for you, please remember these are for personal use only,they are not mine but ones i have found around the web.

so for now  Happy Christmas and will see you in 2015 xx

Saturday, 20 December 2014


Hi All

Yes I am talking about Christmas, How did  it get here so quick?

The last thing I was talking about was the Fair, unfortunately it did not go that well, despite all the leaflets,radio and local papers  not many turned up, so my sales were very few. It was not all bad, I put my miniatures on Ebay and sold the lot, my recycled grafts became with a little bit of change, hand made gifts for my family.

This month has been difficult, it is now a year since my darling mummy passed away, she now has a head stone and we all went together to lay flowers,  I still go to pick up the phone to call her.

On happier news, I thought I had at least 2 weeks to go for Christmas and so I decided to make my grandson a  cosy toes quilt for his pushchair, oops!! I started making it, thinking I would  have plenty of time and then someone said  its Christmas next week, so for the last few days I have been sewing like mad,finally got it finished last night, the only bit I cannot do, is to make the holes for the straps, I will do that when I can measure the pushchair.

Well it just leaves me to say to you, Have a very merry Christmas and a great New year, and of course to show you the photo's

cosy toes

my Christmas tree and all the pressies
My beautiful grandson Jack  

Monday, 8 December 2014

the fete came and the fete went

Hi All

Yes it came, it went!! 
 I arrived to a hall full of stands, set up my table, showing all my goodies,introduced myself to the ladies beside me, grabbed a cup of coffee and we waited and we waited, hardly anyone came. my total sales was,wait for it £3.00, but I did do better than the lady next door, she never sold anything.

All we can think, that is was the weather, it was so cold, and it kept people away, also there  was a big craft fair on near the town. Tried to be positive about it, I won 3 times on the raffle and won a bottle of perfume.

Now I can get on with Christmas, have done all my shopping, must admit I did shop on line, it was so much easier for me. The tree is up,the presents are wrapped.

I want to make a cosy toes quilt for my grandson's pushchair, so I am going to  start on that this week

Today is a quiet day,it is a year ago since I lost my mum, it does not seem possible that a year has gone already. We are going to her grave this afternoon, her head stone has finally been done, so its a sad day.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

All done and some printies

Hi All

yes I am done, what I mean is I have finished all my stuff  for the fair, now I have to price it up. That's the hard bit. I do not want to go to high at the same time I do not want to  sell my stuff to low. 

I am also taking some of my recycling work,  I hope I can show that there are many things you can make using stuff you would throw away, this is a passion of mine, think its do to the way I was brought up, we did not have a lot of money so it really was make do and mend. soap box over.

I finished off some little trays for ladies,made some make up,found a great way to make a mascara brush, I used the little brushes from dental brushes for your teeth, see you can find a use for nearly everything.

I also thought you would like to see my work room, its not normally this tidy, and if you think there is a lot in there, its a good job you cannot see under my bed.

lets show some photos and some printies

see the make up

after all that you deserve the printies.
Please remember these are for personal use only

Sunday, 30 November 2014

As time goes by!!!

Hi All

Well what can I say? how is it that I wake up Monday morning blink and its Sunday, where is the time going. I have been so busy getting stuff ready for the Christmas Avon Party, its this coming Saturday, I am telling all  my friends and family,they want to raise money for Cancer. Hope it goes well.

This is the second charity fair I have done,  this time I want to make my stall stand out, I have 3 open room boxes, I am going to decorate them so I can display my minis better.

I put a picture of my work on facebook and immediately sold 2 sets of suitcases and a handbag, so I had to make more. 
this week I have a few more small minis to make  and then its sorting stuff out.

I am also taking my recycling goods, hopefully I can change one persons mind and they can see that not all trash belongs in the bin. I am a great believer in make do and mend , if we all just recycled one thing a week it would help. Soap box over.

Lets see the photos

Just had to share this, my dog Muppet sitting between my 2 new singing Xmas toys,
its hard to believe she is now 3 years old

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Hi All

Thank you all for the lovely comments you have sent.

In-between doctors appointments, blood tests and health checks this week I did manage to get some more work done.

My health check went well, I ended up having a flu and pneumonia jab, tested for diabetes and cholesterol, results next week.
My routine bloods, the ones I had to have
e every week has now gone to every 6 weeks, as long as I stay stable,  so fingers crossed. You can see I had a busy week.

Back to minis. I managed to finish a bed, sofa and chair. I repainted the sofa and recovered it, I then made  cushions to go on it. The bed, this time I made it more modern, I  have noticed there seems to be a growing trend towards modern minis.

I showed off some of my work on face book, and ended up getting a order for 2 suitcase sets and a handbag, not bad.

In my craft work, I finished a order for 2 children's wall hanging organisers, I also have an order for 6 6ft shabby chic bunting, luckily she does not want them until the new year.
I only made some crafts for my stall at the bike fest just to have something different  to show and sell and I have had orders since then.

Anyway enough of my nattering, here are the photos

the kiddies wall organisers,and yes they do spell Morgain, like that

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Christmas is coming, printies for you

Hi All

Yes its official Christmas is coming, the coke advert is back. I always know that's when I need to start my shopping, I confess I have already started.

 This year I have a grandson to spoil,  they have asked us all not to get Jack a lot, as he has so much, and they would rather have money for him, so later in the year they can buy him what he needs, I have said yes, but there will  be something for him under the tree. I have Jack's tin,  this is where I put in 2.00 a week and on his birthday I will open it and put the money into a bank account for him, I intend to do this for as long as I am able.When they have another baby I will do the same.

I made a few more minis for my fete, now I need to sort out everything I have made, price it up and make sure I have enough  to sell.
I also need to think about how I will display them all. Will have a look on the web for ideas.

I have some Christmas printies for you, these are ones I have found on the web,so please only personal use.

the suitcases are blocks of wood,covered with imitation leather

oops just noticed some of the shells have come off.

going to try this,on orders only, 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Its getting very cold

morning all

yes its getting cold, its a bit of a shock, we have had such good weather this year, we had got used to being warm, so now its on with the heating and staying in, tome its a good excuse to sit in my work room and do my minis.

I have completed more minis for the fete, I was pleased with my make-up  that I made, I made a small container, used black card to separate the base into four and then used different coloured fimo to make it look like eye make-up. I got a tiny bead cut of some bristles from a paint brush and glued this in the bead, to form a make-up brush, for the lip stick I used part of a connector (used for jewellery making) using red fimo popped this in the connector and this became the lipstick, I had seen this some where on the web, its works well.

I then got some trays and made up trays with perfumes and jewel's,  made some jewellery boxes, enough of me going on why don't I just show you the photo's.

the cot was repainted and decorated, I made the blankets, added a gift basket.

Xmas scene finished, I know Father Christmas is a bit big, but could not resist him

the tiny minis

see the make up

I striped the pram and then repainted it and added fabric