Wednesday, 5 September 2012

still cannot do it

Hi All
I am still having trouble with resizing photos and getting pictures back on here, so would it be better to delete some of my early photos? would that work, it is so frustrating not being able to post oics, I do not want to have to start another blog, any more ideas?

I have closed my Esty shop, all I seem to be doing was joining circles and others joining me, did not get any sales or enquiries so I felt it was a waste of time, a lot of people I spoke to had never heard of Esty, so I will remain selling on eBay and my face book page and off course my items that I show on here are always for sale, just ask.

In my mini world, I am bashing a dresser and a cabinet, you are lucky there are no photos for these as its at the painting stage, my favourite bit (not) when I paint any mini I usually just rub down and start to paint, but I had one piece that keeps showing its original colour through and no matter what colour I have tried the paint gets stained a reddy brown, so I may have to start again with that piece and take it back to wood, will have a look at it today and see what the last lot of painting has done.

I have a real life project, I have a pine wall cabinet to shabby chic, may do that today, as we are having some hot weather and I need to sand it outside,

Have you been following Mini Jazzi on her trip around the world? she has now left Greece and is going to? how exciting is that we do not know where she is going, I keep thinking, hope she lands here, but then I would love her for Christmas, to see her face on Christmas morning with all her presents, oh dear getting carried away. I will be checking this morning what is happening and if she has arrived at her new destination will put on a link so you do not miss her, this was a really fun idea of Jazzi's.


Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Hi All
I am so frustrated, I still cannot load any photos, I followed the instructions for reducing sizes of photos and thought great done it, no way.
any suggestions?

I have been working on bashing some minis and changing them into something I like more, but I cannot show you, back to the drawing board, will try again today,

hope you are all following Mini Jazzi on her world tour, its exciting as she leaves Greece this week and we do not know where she is going, hope its to me.