Saturday, 3 December 2011

funny things we say

Good Morning everyone,
welcome to my new followers, hope you enjoy my blog and my ramblings,I love to receive comments so feel free to add some.

I had to laugh to myself yesterday, I was in a shop and they had jewellery knocked down to 50p, so as I was looking another lady was also looking and was saying how great it was and she was going to get some things, i then saw a little bracelet that had sliver coloured shells, I exclaimed soap dishes, and immediately got some, she gave me such a strange look and walked off, sometimes I forget that others do not always think as I do, wonder what she thought.

Busy day today, more Christmas cards to make, tags for the presents, Christmas tree to put up, and finish my sons jumper, wrap the presents, yes I have finished my Christmas shopping, even down to the food just got the fresh stuff to buy, so organised this year, what happened. so time to get started.

Friday, 2 December 2011

I love this bit

I love it when a project starts to come together and I can start to put in the bits and decorate it, I am very pleased with the end result and love how the battery xmas lights turned out, effective and bright.

this is my last project for this year need to start getting my stuff out for Christmas, my son and I are going to put up the decorations tomorrow, I think this year I will not be putting the presents around the tree, the puppy will have a lot of fun with them,

lets get on with the photos

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Oops Santa has lost his teeth

We have a problem, while I was adding bits to Santa's work bench I misplaced his teeth!!!!
only joking, I came across some teeth in my stash and placed them on the woirk bench, looks kind of funny, yesterday I made items for the bench including paint pots, these are so easy, download little labels from web, resize, cut up small pieces of dowling, paint silver, add labels and there you have it paint pots, easy.

I also made the posting box, so today got to make lots of enevolpes and letters to go in it,
I also started to make toys, in my picture you can see the train in progress,

Thank you for your lovely comments, I ma still searching for the makers of the dolls clothes.

Did you see that programme last night on telly about miniature animals, so cute, I do not think I would dress them though, it makes them look silly, and looking at Muppet I think I may have a tiny dog, she is now 5 mths and not growing very fast but she is so cute and loveable, we are begining to get her house trained, its working just the odd mistake now,

I usually put my Christmas decorations up on the 1st of December but have decided to wait for the weekend, got a lot of pain today so it will have to be a quiet day, I am going to sit today and continue knitting my sons Christmas present, a jumper, 1 sleeve to go, never again will I let him choose a pattern, it has 16 rows to the pattern and its fine till you come to increasing and decreasing, then its hell, its not the sort of pattern you can see by eye, so I have had to work out the rows, why did he not ask for a scarf!!

lets get on with the photos

see the paint pots, Santas teeth on the shelf

post box, and partly made train

my miniature puppy, Muppet

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

help needed

Good morning,
thank you for your lovely comments, they always cheer me up.
Now yesterday when I did my weekly tour of the junk shops, in my favourite shop "The Attic" a great place where you find all sorts of things and you have to really search through and so cheap, well sometimes she has dolls house miniatures and I found a bar, optics, bottles, till register all for 5.00, I also got 2 lovely little porcelain dolls dressed in tiny knotted clothes, so neat and the stitching is so tiny, I am curious to where they have come from, they do have a label on with names, so does anyone know them.
This one says Sue Osbourne, Hythe

this one Pam Adams Sudbury
so there they are anyone know them?

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Christmas is coming and so is my new project

Its great being able to get back into my workroom, I have been working on my Santa's workshop, Got the outside and inside decorated, had a bit of a problem with the roof, I just did not know what to do with it, then today I went back to the Christmas shop to get some more of the battery lights and brain wave, They had some white material to represent snow, so I have brought some of it and i am going to make the roof look like its covered in snow, its amazing what you find in the shops if you look.

Back to the project, I have started to make the work bench, I took an old chest of drawers and bashed it about, put on a top and with some of my wood made the top, I have sorted out some bits and I hope from these to make tools, I sat last night and made boxes, cards cut out wrapping paper, all ready to put in when I start to dress it, I now have to make some wooden toys, and dress Santa, loads still to do, but I am sure I will get it done in time for Christmas, I have put on some pictures for you to see



side view


work bench

another view

Sunday, 27 November 2011

finally I can see my work rom

At last the kitchen is decorated, tiled and flooring laid, I am able to venture not my work room, have not been able to get any minis done yet, spent all day clearing up, Why is it there is so much mess when work is being done, and why do they take over every room!!!
still better not complain I still need other jobs doing, this week I hope to get my pine wall unit painted so it is ready to be put up next weekend, and I hope to get the rest of my bits put up as well. I did treat him to a lovely steak dinner to say thank you.

Tomorrow I have got my warfarin clinic  in the morning and physio in the afternoon, so does not look like I will get much done, the rest of the week is free I am going to be working on my Father Christmas workshop, will add photos as I do it, also will be experimenting with my new battery lights, must go and get some more.

Here are some photos of the effect I got when I put the Xmas lights that I brought for 1.99!¬!
they have really lit up my room box and by carefully placing the lights on the outside I have made them look like outdoor lights, not bad hey

Muppet seems to like lying with Freebie in her favorite spot by the window


got an idea for you all

I was looking round our newly opened Christmas shop and got some little battery operated Christmas lights, some had tiny round coloured bulbs and the other one was tiny led lights on a long glass stick, they all work by batteries, anyway the lights to my Egyptian shop had stopped working, loose connection, and while I was messing about with them I had the idea of using one set of the lights I had brought today and guess what the effect was great, so I am going to try them out in my other dolls houses and see what I can do with them. I am sure I will come up with other ideas and will let you know, I will add some pictures to show you but camera needs charging, I think at only £1.99 a set these will come in very useful, I also look at Christmas decorations as sometimes you can find little decorations that are for trees that will work for your miniature scenes, just a few ideas for you, let me know if you do try the lights and what you came up with,