Friday, 25 November 2011

no minis yet

Well the kitchen is coming on, the flooring went down yesterday, so today its the finishing touches, can't wait to show you pictures, I got a lovely yellow blind for the window, I have a feature wall done in yellow, the other walls are white.
I just need to get my pine wall unit finished, but its in my work room and I cannot get into it, over the last few weeks I have been painting/distressing kitchen items and pictures to go in my kitchen, again they are in the work room, still today hopefully I will get in there.

Physio today, she is trying to get my right arm moving better, I am unable to lift it up, makes life a bit difficult, I get a lot of pain and my medication only takes the edge off, the physio is going to see if I can have steroid injections will find out today.

The puppy, she is growing slowly, full of mischief, a thief, if you put anything down on the floor it disappears you just see this flash of black flying past you it is usually found in her bed. She is also very determined and if she wants something she will do everything she can to get it, do not let her small size fool you.
Her and Freebie play all the time, they are getting on very well,

thats  a little update of whats happening, check out some photos you may like
see ya all soon

I store my garlic in here

bread bin

this is in my bedroom, I store my perfumes in here

even done up the inside

Muppet trying to get in Freebie's favorite place, she does'nt miss anything

how is she staying there?

so cute
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