Friday, 27 February 2015


Hi All

have not done as much as I wanted this week,real life keeps getting in the way. I had a nice day out with my dad, we went shopping, Blood tests, and taking my 3 doggies to vets for their yearly jabs. so you can see my week was busy.

I finished off my lady sets, These are going on ebay, I also stated painting little shoes,they are so fiddly and take a long time,you can only paint one little bit and then wait for that to dry, It usually takes me nearly a week to paint them.

I did make 3 hats, these were little straw hats that I decorated, I am making hats today,last night just before I went to bed, I decided to cut out some hat shapes and get them ready for me to decorate this morning. That is once I have done my housework, get the washing done and fed the dogs,

some photos

Dior sets

Channel sets

my hats

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