Friday, 15 March 2013

sneaked into my workroom

Hi All

I managed to creep into my work room for a little while, waiting for the washing to finish,

I am on to the bits I really enjoy  this stage of my creations, I find the ideas come thick and fast, I first finished off the counter, some time ago I blagged some Formica from a company, I was honest and told them what I did, and they kindly sent me some, so I used the red, its was hard to cut, but managed it, I added some wooden trim and legs, I painted the front bit silver, with the black legs it looks quite good.

I then went on to make the sound booth for trying out the instruments, most of the wooden bits I needed I had already cut and painted, so I just needed to put it together, I painted some kebab sticks so that I could make that thing ( don't know what you call it ) they have on the wall for hanging guitars on. I put the drum set together, I had to make some drum sticks, I cut kebab sticks, ( I love them, so useful) and very gently sanded them into shape, did not paint them, just put some varnish on them.

I put up some shelving, pictures and could not resist adding the records, the shop will not be selling many records just the odd few, and popped some instruments, enough of this babbling better show you what I have been up to.


wallpaper goes on

Hi All

Feel like I am on a roll, got a lot done yesterday, finished painting the shop front, wallpapered the shop, started making the shop counter and the area for trying out instruments, sometimes every thing just falls into place and this was one of those days.

not doing a lot today, real life needs to be attended to, things like shopping, housework, its got to be done.

Some good news, do not know if you remember I have been waiting for my operation to my rt. shoulder, last time it was cancelled due to my chest problems and I had to go through series of tests, well I got the all clear to go ahead in January, and did not think much about it, yesterday I got a call, my pre op is on the 26th March, and my op is 10th April, not far away, only thing I will not be able to use my rt arm for 6=8 weeks, will have to find some thing to occupy me, as I get bored just watching TV and doing nothing.

here are the photos

have used sheet music here, it will have a black and white tiled floor

just the name to put on

Thursday, 14 March 2013

at last something for you to see

Hi All

yes I finally have something to show you, yesterday while I was waiting for the paint to dry I made 2 amplifiers, as I thought in a music shop that sells guitars there would be these.

I got myself some pictures, went into my junk and created them. Not that sure that they look ok, so let me know what you think please.

I also repainted my shop front, I decided to have red and gold to go with the green, just need to tidy it up today and then I can paint the inside. I also want to start putting the paper on the walls, getting excited now, as I am coming to my favourite bit, kitting out the inside, I want to make a small sound booth, so customers can try out their instruments.

anyway have a look at the photos

this is the junk

the amplifiers

the red and gold, the green is beneath the tape

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

It does not work!!

Hi All

Remember I told you about that new stuff my dad gave me to try "Maskol" you are supposed to paint it on the parts you do not want paint to go onto, well I tried it, and I ended up with my shop front in a mess, I could not get it off in places so ended up sanding areas. so a little job became a big job.

Today I will be repainting my shop front

Monday, 11 March 2013

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I have always loved Marie's work, now we have a chance to win one of her lovely creations


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*The Graphics Fairy LLC*: Vintage Image - Old Pink Rose with Thorns

*The Graphics Fairy LLC*: Vintage Image - Old Pink Rose with Thorns

this is not a give a way, but just a thought, have you heard of this blog, there are some lovely pictures you can print off and shrink to make them mini, well worth taking a look at.

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as always I start with my friend Jazzi, its not a give a way, but she does so much to help others in our mini world on the web, so if you have not seen her blog yet, go see it and tell her I sent you

Its Monday

Hi All
What crazy weather we have, last week I had the door open, the sun was shinning and my son and I planted some shrubs, towards the end of the week it got cold and this morning I wake up and we have snow!!! but the sun is shinning.

I continued to paint my shop front, it now has 2 coats of green, hoping today to put the other colour on, thinking red will see.

It was free listing on eBay this weekend, so I got very ruthless and sorted out my stash, anything I knew I would not use, I had 2 boxes, one to keep, one to flog, I had to stop myself as I kept looking at what was in my flog it box and taking it out. Finally got it sorted, then it was taking the photos and then the process of putting them on eBay, I was at it all weekend.
I only list now on free listing days, eBay has got expensive, and when you add in postage costs, it does make you wonder if it is worth it.
When I checked this morning I already have 5 bids on items so maybe it will be worth it.

So I had better get myself in gear and climb aboard the web train and see what give a ways I can find you. let me know if you win any of the ones I find you,

Whoosh-------------------------------that's me off