Tuesday, 10 June 2014

confession time

Hi All

Its been a while since I put pen to paper and spoke to you, well it is hard for me to admit, but I have felt very down and not y usual self, this is so unlike me as I am usually a very upbeat, positive, bubbly person so it was a shock to y system to find I had lost interest in my hobbies.

Since my mum died, I have not really felt like doing a lot, its been like life is going on but I am not in it, nothing was really giving me much pleasure, my health has not been good and it felt like everything was just to much trouble, I did not want to go down the line of medication, I take enough as it is, I did get a spark of interest with my sewing and I hoped this would be the start of me coming back, I think it is. 

I spoke to my son in Edinburgh and my Dad and I are going up this Saturday to stay with them for a few days, I am looking forward to that, my dad has never been so it will be fun showing him around, he wants to visit the underground town, I have been and it is well worth a visit.

I hope when I come back I will be feeling a lot more like my old self.

I hope you forgive me for telling you all this, but I do feel that I know a lot of you and that you will understand.

So my friends till I return, and hopefully in a better frame of mind, I bid you adieu'