Friday, 15 April 2011

40,s house

Had a better day yesterday, so took some photo's of my latest project I am working on,
its a 40,s house set during ww2, i hope that I am achieving the look I wanted, I have tried to make it look scruffy, so I  did not take care with wallpapering, or painting, have got to repair the bedroom window pelmet, caught it when I was adding the wardrobe,
I have lights to add to the bedroom then i can start on the attic, this is where the son sleeps, he is in the war and mum and dad are very worried as they have not had a letter for a long time, they have a parcel that they have filled for the red cross ready to send, dad is a retired railway man, but does help out with the home guard, mum just keeps it all together managering on her meagre budget, I intend to add a garden scene with vegetable plot and Anderson shelter, I have to have a story about the houses I make I find it helps me to develop it if I have a family in mind, its makes it more personal, I am having great fun with this one and it will eventually be displayed in my workroom,
I will try to remember to put on some tuts of the miniatures I made for this little house
Today its more packing and sorting so much stuff, but nothing will get thrown away,
My family think I am mad at times ( well all the time) I am now saving toilet rolls, I intend to use them as protection for my vegetable plants in my garden when I plant them out. my other project is my vegetable garden and I try to be as green as possible with it, when i first moved here the garden was just a small field with lots of nettles, now I have a lawn and a vegetable plot, and this year I have plans to redesign it, will show you when its done
please feel free to add comments about my work
watch this space for more to come

Thursday, 14 April 2011

feeling blue

Morning all
feeling blue, sorry for not writing my blog for a while, but my hands have been letting me down, I have had some numbness to my fingers so I have not been able to work on my miniatures, and for some reason I have got clumsy and falling a lot, much get back to Doctor, feeling better today so hope to get started on clearing out my work room, yes at long last after many problems I now have a date its starts next week, have got to buy another shed, for my miniatures and to act as a store room, I can then put items that bare not used often in there and some of my larger tools, how is it they we end up with so much stuff, but I am reluctant to throw anything away, i always think I may need that one day,
will keep you updated on progress, and I hope by the resting I have been doing my body will start to get better
have a good day