Friday, 22 May 2015

Its been a while, but I am back

Hi All

Yes its been a long time since I have been on my blog, sometimes life gets in the way and time goes by, before you know it weeks and months have passed. 
I have been dipping in and out of your blog's and have enjoyed reading them and keeping up with your projects.

I have had a few changes to my personal life, first I have now got a under active thyroid and angina, I also have really bad pitting oedema to my rt leg, I am waiting to see if with my circulation problem's, I can have a support stocking to help relieve it. Normally I just get on with life and cope with my condition but I must admit the fluid on my leg is causing me problem's and is having an effect on my life, but I still keep smiling and making my mini's.

Also my son has now moved out to go and live with his girlfriend, lovely for him, but he was my carer so that presented me with a little problem, problem solved, my friend is moving in and will be able to help me. 

I am having both bedrooms decorated, so my house is a bit upside down, hopefully by this weekend it will all be back to normal.

Well that's my personal bits over, so now lets talk about mini's.

I finally got my big house out of it's box, only a year after I got it, it is going to be a modern shop, with me making as much as possible myself. This will be a challenge and i will not be rushing it. 
The first job was to get it out of its box and give it a coat of paint, how boring that was, but got there, I will be decorating each floor as I build it.

The main colour will be white and I will be using furniture to give it colour, 

In the photos below you will see the ground floor on its way to being completed, I have changed the stairs, made 2 display units to go on the back wall, 2 displays and a counter. have a look, 
see you soon x

showing new stairs and wall units

I made both the displays,

designer handbags

designer jewellery

my big counter, made this from oddments of wood and perspex

one of the fur coats that I will be making for the ladies clothing floor

the ceiling of the frist floor, I wanted something different, so I painted this and incorporated lace within the design