Friday, 27 January 2012

I am dreaming doggy beds

Its taking over my life, last night I even had a dream about doggy beds, so today I made 2 more and decided for now that will be the lot,

I made the blue and gold bed by using Aida material, forming it into the shape I wanted, painted it gold,  using some lovely blue material I made a cushion,  added a little gold embellishment to the front. nice and comfy.

The other one, I cut out the shape in mount board, stuck it all together, covered it with some sticky back carpet that I had, made a tartan cushion, added some braid to decorate,
both were easy to make,

I have been looking for a suitable shop to display the doggy items, I do not really want to buy one, In my shed I came across an old and battered room box, that's it I shouted, needs a bit of work, like a top, a front a window and a door, I am sure i will be able to do something with it.

my easy doggy beds

this is what I hope to turn into a shop!!!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

one doggy bed done

Hi all
I continue with my doggy theme, I have completed one bed, there are others but they are still work in progress,
this bed in the picture, I made from stiff card, material from my stash, plus foam for padding, I used 4 beads for the feet, it looks better in real life,

today I could not do any mini's real life got in the way, shopping to do and I looked around and thought I really must do some dusting, you could write your name in it, still its all done now, I can forget it and get on with what I love doing, miniatures.

I must say I am really pleased and surprised at the amount of people that follow my blog, I thank you and hope you enjoy what you see.

my first luxury doggy bed

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

miniatyrmama: LED battery lights...

miniatyrmama: LED battery lights...

I wondered about the lights now I have seen them they look better than messing about with wired lights, are they much dearer?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

still addicted

another follower, Hi and welcome, nice to see you here.

I am still addicted, today I made collars and leads, so easy,
To make the leads I cut a thin piece of leather, one end I folded over to form the handle, the other end I attached a small metal ring, I also used some jewellery chains, again cut to lengthy, made a handle, they both looked effective.
The collars, I cut a small piece of leather to size, decorated it with tiny stick ons, I used nail art stickers, folded one end for the buckle, attached a small jump ring, some I stuck into a circle, others I left open.
I am enjoying this project so much, have not started yet to build the shop, I like to have all  my objects ready so that when the shop is built I can begin to put everything in without waiting.

I did sit and draw some designs for doggy beds and I will be staring these tomorrow.

Hope you are all enjoying this project.
see you all tomorrow. see pictures

closer look

Monday, 23 January 2012

carrying on with my doggy theme

Hello and welcome to my new followers, I hope you enjoy my blog and what I do, feel free to leave comments ( I love comments ) check out my pages you find something that interests you,

back to today, I carry on with my doggy theme, I made a couple more coats and I am now on to collars, where will this end, I cannot help it i am really enjoying myself, even I cannot wait for this to finish so I can see what it is going to look like.
I hope tomorrow, after a few more dog collars, sparky diamond ones I think, I shall start making the luxury beds, I am lucky so far my little dogs have not noticed what I am doing, I am sure they would want some of the dressers if they saw them. on with the photoso

sailors outfit, and frilly party dress

collar shaped collars with leads, plus 2 collars