Friday, 12 February 2016

Hairdressing trolley made by me

Hi All

yes I have a hairdressing trolley,  I had some little white baskets, so used these as a starting point.
I then made a unit with shelves to take the baskets,

curlers-- were  yellow pipe cleaners, I just cut then down and trimmed them.

styling brushes-- I made a small brush shape from balsa wood, painted it silver with black spots and then put tiny wire around it, added a handle.

I cut up cleaning pads and put them into a small box

hairdryer-- was a metal charm, I painted it black and added a lead and plug.

the rest is what I had and just painted black.

the nail varnish bottles are beads.

I made a shelving unit for the nail varnish, this will go on the wall.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

moving on

Hi All

I finished the lamp. attached it to the desk and added the light, the light is  light up earring, brilliant way to add light to places where you do not have wires and very cheap.

I have started to make the hairdressers trolley, I had some small plastic baskets so they are going in the shelves, it is made from balsa wood and cardboard, but painted up you cannot tell.

Not sure if I will get a lot done today, my grandson Jack, my son and his wife are coming for dinner. Now they have moved from Edinburgh to Cambridge I get to see them a lot more, Jack is changing so much.
see you all soon

its difficult to see the light, but it is on honest

the start of the hairdressing trolley

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

I have a lamp

Hi All

yes I finally have a lamp, it took 2 disasters before  came up with this, I used a kebab stick, a small bell, a button and the end bit of  zip, put it all together and painted it black. There is a light to go in it, this is an light up earring, got the idea from a  member of hint and tips group on Facebook,  they are from China.

I made 2 little mirrors, these are just a piece of card cut into the shape you want and panted black and mirror card placed on top.

From a bit of something that I had in my trash, I made a nail dryer, not sure what they are called, you put your nail in it and it heats up,

I have primed the inside of the room box and will hopefully get round to painting it today, 
have started to plan out the layout.

This morning I am going to the smoking clinic. I have become a non smoker since Jan 1st and so pleased with myself.

have a look at the photo's

the painted lamp

lamp, desk and mirrors

the nail thingy

Monday, 8 February 2016

Hi All

what a day! I wanted to make a simple light for the nail bar table, easy, you must be joking, i got out my trash and sat for a while studying them, I am using a earring that lights up, ( got them on ebay) so no wires needed,

Every which way I tried I could not come up with anything, my  brain was going crazy, so I left it for a while, had a cup of tea and then went back. Finally came up with an idea,
these are the bits  I'm going to use. you will have to wait to see the finished lamp.

I also finished painting some of the furniture, I have washed gold over the black.

that's it for today, see ya soon

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Franks Place

Hi All

yes Frank's Place was featured in this months Dolls House World magazine, those who do not know about Frank's Place, it was a room box I did some time ago, making as much as I could by using the inside of an old computer tower.
I love creating from trash, will put a picture on for you.
there is more details in this blog, including how i made some of the items, if you wish to see more.

the hairdressing salon is coming on, at the moment I am making items and equipment for the nail bar, trouble is I am running out of trash, need to get my begging bowl out and see what I can get.
I have made the table for the nail bar and painting some furniture black, I am sure you do not want to see pictures of paint drying, so will show you when they are finished,
those who know me, know I hate painting, it takes so long, paint a bit, let it dry, paint a bit, it goes on.

today I am hoping to get a bit more done to the nail bar, have this trick now, before I go to bed, I paint the bits I have made, and then they are dry by morning, no more waiting!!
anyway here is Franks Place