Saturday, 24 September 2011

nearly there

Making good progress these last few days, despite my rt arm trying to stop me, its will never win.
Next came the best bit putting it together, I did not realise I had so much to put in it, so I had to decide on what bits to use, hopefully I have picked the best pieces,
the jewellery I decided to place in the gold trunk, I did not have room to show it all, but I know its there and it will be fun finding the bits hidden there.

I had to make shelves for some of the bigger pieces, they would not fit in the units, so I did not use all of the units, this did give me more room.

I have started to place the paving slabs to the front and hopefully tomorrow I can begin laying the grass, i think I need to make a fence around it as well, I shall have to look at it and see what it tells me to do, yes I do think my miniatures tell me what they want me to do.

I have started making little labels and signs, I was going to price items up but decided to make it an exclusive shop where you have to ask the prices, that way I will know the customers can afford it, I am also going to make the shop open by appointment only.

anyway enough chat lets take a look, remember to poke the pictures to make them larger and to see the details.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

floor done

First I must thank you all for your lovely comments, i love reading them.
so chuffed my miniatures was shown in the lastest Dolls House and Miniature scene magazine, they showed my ruined settee and a room box, at last my name in lights.

Finally got the floor finished, due to not having enough tiles I had to adapt and change my idea and lay what I had in this pattern ( see photo) I also experimented with printing my own fabric, I first found some pics that I thought would lend its self to being printed as fabric, scanned them, messed about with them using my photo programme, then printed, not that happy with the results, they ended up looking faded, I am finding that with my Kodak printer the inks maybe a lot cheaper, the printing colours are poor, luckily I still have my older one, so going to try with that, as they say you get what you pay for, and this time it seems I did.`

I have also been busy making cushions for my bed, I found a lovely bedspread in pinks and whites, I had red cushions on my bed so they had to go, in my stash I had some lovely vintage flowered material, never throw anything away you never know when you will be able to use it, anyway made 4 cushions, they look great but now I have decided that the wall paper does not go, so added that to my list of jobs to be done, this list is getting longer,

went into my work room this morning and its a mess, so will have to tidy before I can start again, that's after doing the washing, hovering, dusting oh dear why do we have to do these things, well better get on see you all soon.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

making progress

Awake early today, well if I am honest did not have a lot of sleep, why does pain wait for you to relax and then jump in and says got ya, so in the end I got up and worked on my project, I find when I am occupied I can sometimes switch off the pain, so armed with the paint brush I carried on painting, I have used gold to highlight the window and door,
for the ceiling I used a design that I had in my stash and painted it, when it was dry I cut out the bits I wanted and placed it on the ceiling, I think it looks quite effective,
I needed to check I had enough floor tiles, so I drew the shape put and started to place the tiles, and what did I find I do not have enough to cover all the floor, so I messed about and came up with a design that will fit, but that meant I had to come up with something else to cover the floor, after checking my paints I found some black, so I have painted the floor black and hopefully can lay the tiles tomorrow.
The front door was also painted gold and I have added a Egyptian figure to the front. I made a decision to cover the front with a lovely brick paper that I found, I really need to check out my boxes to see what I really have got,
well that how far I have got,
I could not help bragging about my new shelving, have got a picture for you now I have put on my ornaments, I made the love sign, my bronze Indian's I have had for a long time, i really love this. check out the photos.

you can see the black painted floor

the door not yet attached

I used some brown tiles on the window fronts

my new shelving

Monday, 19 September 2011

back working

Its great I feel much better so today I started back on with my big project, no pictures to show yet, I have painting the shop, I am also going to highlight areas in gold paint, I managed to wallpaper the ceiling and I have got a design to put on it, but for now there is not a lot I can do, hate watching paint dry, its so boring, so I have shut the door and will start again tomorrow, but so happy I can do some work again, I still have pain but its back to its acceptable level.
will be put photos on tomorrow see you all then