Friday, 28 October 2011

more work done

Been busy today, I finished off the ceiling, I added some gold paint to the edges and around the inner circle, I also high lighted the ceiling rose, stuck this all down and added the light, I will be hopefully putting it in my dolls house tomorrow.

I have also wallpapered the walls, in the picture you can see the panelling, this is not stuck down yet I just wanted to see what the effect would be, and yes I liked it.

The fireplace also had gold added to it, I have got to now make the chimney breast, again a job for tomorrow, I am experimenting with some small wooden bits to make the tiles around the fire, will show pictures when I am satisfied it will work.

so that's what I got up to today,

feeling very excited as well my new kitchen flooring has arrived, its laminate flooring that looks like oak, also my tiles are here, I have chosen white tiles that are brick shaped, I have been told it will be started in about 2 weeks, so that will give me time, if we get good weather, to get my pine shelving sanded down, we also need to start getting the kitchen ready for decorating, going to choose the paint, not sure yet what colour I want, its always so hard as there are so many colours to choose from, there I go rambling on again, told you I do that.

while I  here I must say a big thank you for all the lovely comments you give me, I read everyone, they are great to receive.
anyway better let you see the pictures

the false ceiling, with the gold highlights

showing the centre light

the wall panels and the wallpaper

just had to put these in, muppet having a nap

Freebie watching tv

Freebie after a long walk

Muppet trying to tempt Freebie to play

Thursday, 27 October 2011

more pictures

I took some more pictures of my egyptian shop with the lights on, hope you like them

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

back to work

Feeling much better, which is good as I had a commission to do, I sold the 1/24th set and the lady liked it so much she asked me to furnish a cabinet for her, no problem so I thought, I have the up most respect for those of you who work in this scale, my stress levels got very high, even the dogs took one look and went swiftly away, why is it that every time I went to place the little beggars would my hands shake!!!!! I eventually got it done, and guess what now she wants some pictures Ahg!!!!  so I have shrunk some nice pictures and painted matchstick's ready for Friday when I start again,
having tomorrow off, shopping and treating myself to a hair cut, having a restyle and wave, luxury.

I have started to redo my dining room in the Victorian house, managed to strip the wall paper off, what did I use to stick it with, anyway when I got that done I sat and contemplated what was I going to do?

I eventually decided to make wood panels for the walls and have a design on the ceiling,
I made a false ceiling, this made it easier for me to do, now I have got that all ready, had to put it to one side, soon I will get back to it.

next week I have got to start work on my bungalow ( my home, big not small ) we have got to take the tiles off, rub down wood work, I also have to work on my pine wall unit, I got this from eBay for 20.00 (must put a picture on ) it needs a lot of work before I can put it on the wall, I will be trying to creep in and do some minis,

Heath wise, went to Physio yesterday and now have some exercisers to do, this is to strenghten my right arm, hope it works, got to have weekly trips for a while

lets get on with the photos

the 1/24th commission I have done

dining room stripped and ready to be done again

wood panels I made to go round the walls

the ceiling, the picture does not show the blues very well

muppet having a quick look, see how she is growing

Freebie having a peep.

so thats what I have been up to, see you all soon.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

good morning

Good morning
first a warm welcome to my new followers, nice to see you here, feel free to comment, I love comments.
not having a good week, went for my regular blood tests and my clotting level was low, I have also got breathless and more tired than usual, so they have upped my warafin and I have to go back in 2 weeks, unless anything happens, must admit got really fed up over this sometimes I lust feel like its one kick after another, my body is in pain all the time, my rt arm keeps letting me down, got physio today, maybe they will be able to help. well I feel better now, there are times when one needs to have that short moment of self pity, than you get up shake yourself down and start all over again (I am sure that's a line from a song)

while I have been sitting here I have been thinking of my next project, one idea is to use the dead body and trolley I got some time ago and make some kind of haunted morgue, or something else. decisions

have got a page now on face book where I am advertising my work for sale, maybe I should use this time to develop my blog, or make a web site, we will see,

anyway my blog friends, enough for today better go to physio, thanks for letting me go on a bit