Saturday, 22 September 2012

bad day yesterday

Hi All
well I started off with good intentions, having I felt wasted a week, the idea was to take doggies for their walk then into my workroom, NO

We had a horrible experience in the local park, we always check that there are no dogs around before I let my 2 off lead, the park was empty, or so we thought, so off my dogs go and out of nowhere came running 2 Staffie's ( now I love all dogs) but these 2 decided that it would be good fun to chase my little Yorkiepoo, ( she is no bigger than a small cat) we it screamed at her to stop but she was yelping and running in a blind panic and we could not catch her, I managed to get my other dog and hold her while my son ran after Muppet, a woman came out from the tress and I shouted at her to call her dogs off, she just said she could not help it if her dogs chased things, well I will not repeat what I said, but the woman did catch her dogs and put them on a lead and went off, in the mean time my little dog was still running along the main road with my son trying to catch her, he did thank goodness, we went straight home and my little dog would not get out of my arms or stop shaking, I checked her all over and she did not seem to have any injuries, but I spent the rest of the day calming her down, I get very angry when people know that their dogs chase that they let them off lead, there are many people who walk their dogs around here but most of them are responsible and take care, it has made my little dog very scared now and I think it will be a long time before I will be able to take her out again, I am lucky i have a large garden so I will be able to insure she gets her exercise.
She is fine this morning but is staying close to my other dog, Freebie, Freebie has been mothering her, I think it shook Freebie up as well as she was also very quiet yesterday.
I just wish people would think before they do things as they have consequences when things go wrong.

So I am letting this week go, its shopping today and i always have a lazy day on Sunday, so I will be back on Monday with I hope some great give a ways that I find for you

Friday, 21 September 2012

where has the week gone

Hi All
Just where has this week gone, I went to bed Monday and wake up and its Friday, what happened to the days in between? is this an age thing? but time seems to fly, I was thinking this morning what have I done this week? not a lot, have done a little work on my chalet,
but with blood tests, day out with my dad, house work, washing and ironing, I do not seem to have got a lot done, Oh well there is always next week

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I carry on

Hi All
hope you had fun yesterday checking out the give a ways and the brilliant blogs, I did, so good luck if you entered the give a ways.

I worked on my chalet, I decided after placing some bits that I intend putting in the chalet, that the chalet was too small, so I am extending the walls, so that meant more painting and waiting for it to dry, so while I was waiting I started to make Father Christmas and Mrs Christmas their chairs, I have used Christmas designed material, I made a round base and a back from cardboard, added foam and covered, next time I make one of these I will remember to put on a tutorial, they are so easy.
I also finished off the fireplace,

I finished off a dresser (hutch) this was one that came free with the new dolls house magazine that has just come out again, first one only cost 99p so I got 2, my dad also got me 2, he thought I would not of seen it, it also came with a dinner service, so not bad for 99p, I will not be getting anymore of the magazine, unless there is another bit of furniture that I like, the next ones will cost a lot more, so the furniture will need to be worth it for me to buy it.

The weather here remains sunny and warm, I did mean to take some photo's of where myself, the beast and my son take my dogs for a walk, its so lovely, we walk along side the river, so today I promise I will take my camera.

lets look at what I did yesterday

I have removed all the doors, redone the shelves, painted it a pale green and distressed it, I will be putting items on it.

This is the fire, I had an old metal fire, which I repainted black, made a wooden surround, the red bits inside the fire are just cocktail sticks poainted red, I still need to put on some tiles

the chairs, feet still need to be added, and the green one needs its trim

Monday, 17 September 2012

PuNo's Minis 1:12: Wow.... 500 Leser / Follower... das ist ein Blog-C...

PuNo's Minis 1:12: Wow.... 500 Leser / Follower... das ist ein Blog-C...: Wow... das ist ja toll...  mittlerweile habe ich  die Marke von  500 Lesern / Follower geknackt! Da muss ich ja wirklich mal viele...

another great blog that I lurk on, she has a give a way for reaching 500 followers, if you check out her blog you will see why so many of us follow her,


LITTLETHINGS -MIKROPRAGMATAKIA- KLEINE SACHEN: finally....the 300 ..and more ...GIVEAWAY ! :): endlich....die Verlosung fuer die 300..und mehr ..Blogbegleiter!  επιτελους.....η Κλήρωση δώρων για τους 300..και πάνω...φίλους εδώ!  ...

you will not want to miss this one, Anna is giving away so much, this is where Mini Jazzi spent her first visit and had a great time, (we still do not know where she is) Anna's blog is a lot of fun and she is a very talented lady, I am always lurking about her blog, well see for your selves

Natalia's Fine Needlework: FALL GIVEAWAY 2012

Natalia's Fine Needlework: FALL GIVEAWAY 2012: I can't believe I've been abusing my blog for such a long time! Life has been hectic lately. Anyway, thank you everyone for your nice mess...

here is the first  Give a way I have found, this was is fantastic and if you have not visited Natilia's blog,
your work is incredible, take a look

a quiet weekend

Hi All

I had a quiet weekend, did some more painting on my chalet, having a bit of a problem working out the front, not sure if I should leave it open or put a front on it that opened up, I may wait till the end to see, some times I think we have to just go with the flow and see what happens.

Saturday was hot, hot, hot, so spent time on the garden, sorting out and preparing for the winter months, boring to you but very relaxing for me, and Sunday went out for a pub lunch, very nice, but the highlight of the whole weekend was DOWNTOWN ABBEY is back, and what a great episode it was, did you see it, made me what to have Downtown in mini, but to get a dolls house that size would be very expensive and would take ages to do, but what fun it would be.

I thought on Mondays I would scout around and find Give a Ways for you to enter, that way.
would you like that, so off I go to have a look for you, will post them here