Monday, 11 July 2011


sorry did not say welcome to my new follower, so Hi and hope you enjoy my blog, unable to see my followers as for some reason they are not showing, will try again later, anyone else having this problem?


Good morning all,
just a few photos as I promised, I still need to do a lot more to the upstairs hallway/library, I have got to make the floor, I may use cardboard cut into strips and stained, will try a bit first to see if I like It, I had brought some paper flooring which I painted with a varnish, but I did not like it, it looked like it was paper, so will be experimenting to see what I can do.

Yes the miniatures won, although I have cleaned out my kitchen cupboards and reorganised some of them, so I feel now that I am justified in working on my minis. well thats my excuse and I am sticking to it.

had a call from the hospital this morning and I am waiting for a echo scan appointment, hopefully that will be allright, I feel I am slowly recovering, still get very tired and have to take it easy, but I do feel a lot better than I did   a few weeks ago, see rambling again.
must stop that, my kids are always telling me that they get confused sometimes when we are talking because i will be talking about one thing and then talk about something else, must be the medication.

well enough here's the photos

upstairs hallway, stairs have not yet been fixed in place,
have got skirting/ coving and floor to do

entrance hall, without the stairs, the trunk still needs filling, and I want to make awalking stick holder
and maybe a few more bits

books made so far, just bits of balsa wood, cut to shape and covered with leather, some of the leather came from old purses and handbags, found very cheap in junk shops

Sunday, 10 July 2011

happy weekend

Hi all
hope you have all had a good weekend, I have been busy working on my Victorian House, no pictures yet I'm afraid, will be adding some this coming week, so far I have decorated the upstairs hallway I am going to make this into a small library, so I have been making books from bits of balsa wood and covering them with leather, hence no pictures, me and my detail, hopefully tomorrow I can start to make the floor, we will see, my garden is calling out for attention, how is it when it rains weeds grow quickly, anyway we will see which wins tomorrow morning, with any luck it will be raining and that will make my mind up for me.
see you all soon