Saturday, 28 April 2012

busy day

Hi All

we are still having the rain, the one good thing about rain, I do not go out so I get to spend a lot of time on my miniature's, which to me is a good thing.

I finished the cooker, but forgot to take a picture before I placed in the kitchen, you can see it on the photos, I even put a tray of bread cooking in the oven. I also completed 2 chairs.

The flat is going to be a bit of mis match with the furniture, I decided that the girl who owns the shop below, just puts any furniture in her flat as she concentrates on her shop.

I do have a little surprise for you, I placed the items in place, I wanted to see if I was achieving the effect that I wanted, I will leave that to you, but I am pleased with how it is going so far.I still may play around with it and I have some more its to put in.

I have started on the bedroom furniture, made bed covers for a lovely white wire bed. I just hope there will be enough room, tomorrow I will put the roof on to see how much room I will have,

I have also put in a picture of some lovely lace I got from eBay, not sure what I will use it for, I will find a use for it.

anyway lets get on with the photos.

the lovely lace I brought

do you like how its coming on

I found the glass umbrella in a junk shop, I think it will work well in this shop

I knited a blanket as a throw

lazy day

Hi All
I had a very lazy day yesterday, I felt very tired, so I spent half the day in bed, so I did not get a lot done.

I managed to finish my plate rack and filled the shelf with goodies.

I played around with furniture to what it will look like, the shop will look busy and filled with lots to buy, the flat above I still need to sort out the best place for everything, I am still having the kitchen area along one wall, hopefully today I will get more done.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Jazzi Mini's: New Giveaway

Jazzi Mini's: New Giveaway: I would like to share these gorgeous new cushions I have designed and handmade...a lucky follower will receive a set of 4 in an Australian ...
this give a way is lovely check it out and don't forget to check out Jazzi blog well woth spending time there

Another great day

Hi All

I know we are all moaning about the rain, but for me its been great, I have got so much done, cannot go out to wet, so I have been able to sit in my work room and just do my minis,

I have continued on the living quarters, I made some wood panelling to go on the side of the wall, near the sink, this is just to help break the area up, I have started to make the cooker, I must admit I had forgot that she would need a cooker and a fridge, I had to look at how I was going to do the lay out, I decided to have the cooking and eating area over one side and the rest as the living room.

I had some wasted space under the stairs, so I have made that into a little sewing area,
I added a small light to the wall, made a small display of shells and put them on the wall, it has made good use of that space.

I also made a shelving unit which has food and bits on it,

have took photos for you.

Not sure how much I will get done tomorrow, I have a dentist appointment and my dad is coming over, hope to get some done

I filled the drawers with books and sewing bits, and on the top made it look like work was going on

On the side wall is the shell collection

this is how it will look when the stairs are in place

this will be going on the kitchen side wall

Teeny Tiny Things: New Pram

Teeny Tiny Things: New Pram: Well that's another order finally finished... it was a difficult one that one and my fingers are tired... now onto the next but before that...
have a look at my friends blog, she make amazing prams

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

busy again

Hi All
wow another 4 followers, thank you for looking at my blog, I hope you find it interesting, feel free to comment, I love comments.

I have been very busy, I just felt like really getting on with my project,
I have actually finished the sink unit!!! yes its finished, not sure now if I like it, I have started on the living quarters, the flat is going to have a small kitchen area and a living area and the attic will be the bedroom with an en suite bathroom. well that's my idea, just got to do it.

I made the curtains, very pleased how they have turned out, I also made a settee, recovered a chair, made a couple of throws and some cushions, carpeted the stairs and then loads of painting. if anyone reads this and does not do miniatures they are going to think I am fantastic, lets not tell them.

I papered the kitchen area in a pretty flowered patterned wall paper, I wanted the kitchen even though its in the same room I felt it needed the are defining, I am also going to put a white panelling to the side, I have now got to make a small cooker and some area as a work top.

so as you can see busy, oh well better get on, need to research cookers.

Have a look at the photos

Sunday, 22 April 2012

not a lot done

Hi All

Did not get a lot done yesterday, time seem to fly by, but real life did get in the way, I had to do the boring things like shopping, washing, you know the sort of thing, so will not bore you. I did make a lovely stew and dumplings for tea, usually that is winter food, but with the weather we are having it seemed the most suitable. Anyway lets talk about minis.

I still did not get my sink unit finished!! will I ever get on with it, I seem to keep getting distracted, this time it was a tiny child's pram that caught my eye, I forgot to take a before picture.
It was white with a dirty looking lace hood and a pink cover, did not like it so decided to change it.
I painted it pale pink, and redid the hood with a lovely white lace, I added some trim which had tiny white beads on it, a rose. I made a new mattress base in pink silk, added a pink trim, then made a cover in pretty pink and white flowers added lace and attached it to the pram.
I am not sure if it looks ok, what do you think? I am going to put it in the shop.

have a look