Saturday, 11 August 2012

This is a bit grusome

Hi All
 First I must say hello and welcome to my new followers, you are very welcome her and I hope you enjoy my blog, so grab a coffee and have a look.

Yesterday after my I painted the room box and the base it will be going on to, so will not bother you with the photos, it was bad enough me waiting for paint to dry without subjecting it to you to. So what to do, I have this idea that I want body parts, yes I did say body parts, some time I wonder where my mind goes to, anyway, I had been given a little plastic doll to cut up, so after explaining to the doll it was nothing personal and yes you are pretty but you will be playing a vital part in the construction of my project, she agreed, no numbing her with a drop of brandy, I began to take her apart and she did not complain once, what a trouper.

I took apart the bone necklace i got yesterday, trimmed the end of the bones so I could put them inside the legs and arms, I then used filmo to pad out the limbs, I then added paint to give the effect of blood, let me know if they look ok, I did not want to make them to life like, as this is make believe, and was not sure what people may think, I must admit my years in nursing helped in the making these.
better let you see the photos,



made some bottles to

Friday, 10 August 2012


Hi All
yes I am guilty, I have given in and brought all 3 books, I am talking about "Fifty Shades of Grey" halfway through the first book, I must admit I cannot put it down, stuttered a bit when my son asked what is it about, just said its a woman thing, romance and love, that put him off, so no fear he will pick it up, wonder what he would think of his mum if he did? They arrived yesterday morning, and I said just a quick look, then will have my shower and get on with my day,------------------------------------------------------------Dinner time, and I had to get really ruthless with myself, I still was not dressed and the washing up was still in the sink, so I am Guilty of enjoying it.

After I dragged myself away, I finally got myself in gear and went to do my weekly bargain hunt, I got some lovely material, not sure yet what I will do with it, so its joined my stash, some flowers, and I must think before I speak, I know everyone does not understand miniatures, but in my mind they do, I found this fantastic bone necklace, I said, " oh how lovely, they will look good in my body box, but will have to bloody them up" got a very strange look from the

 man who was serving me, and as I went to leave the shop, this lady came up and said, " sorry to listen in to your conversation, but what did you mean?" I did explain about minis, the look of relief was priceless.

Did manage to do a bit to Franks Place, wallpapered the walls and laid the floor, have popped a picture on for you to see, bit boring really, I also finished off some of the equipment, I now can start to put it all together, I have also decided to place the room box on a board, as I want a cemetery scene as well, well he needs somewhere to get his body parts from, maybe when this is done I had better put a warning on before anyone looks at it.
Thought i would show you the miniature that sparked off this project, I got it some time ago and it just sat in my stash till I made up my mind what I would do with it.

Enough babbling, here are the photos

I used wall paper and then rubbed in black and grey to hopefully give it a worn look

the equipment

the culprit

paid 2.00 for this

large piece of black felt. 1.50

flowers and beads 50p

the bones 50p

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

so exicited

yes I am excited, yesterday my son gave me his old tower from his computer and his old telly, between us we took them apart, I got so many goodies, my son did make the comment if he knew I would get so excited over trash, he could of saved money for my birthday, next year he will visit the local dump!!!.

I now have a great selection of goodies to play with, so I have finished another table, I have added wires, I will be attaching these to the walls, got a plan in my mind.

I went to my local dolls house club, Monday night, we are all working on making miniatures in something unusual, never got anything done, it usually involves, lots of laughter, eating cakes and saying what we would be doing, rather than doing, still I do enjoy it.

Also my eldest son is now away for a few weeks, so have set up skype, did I swear, got it all set up, put in my password and it kept rejecting it, frustrating as I knew my son was waiting for me to call, after a little while of telling my computer what I would do with it, I happened to look at the password I had took a note of when I set it up, guess what I was putting it in the wrong way, so after saying sorry to the computer, I had a lovely chat with my son.

Back to minis, today, town first, then back to minis, I hope to start decorating the room box today, got some lovely stone wall paper so I am hoping that will give me the effect I want, while you wait for the next bit, here is a photo of the finished table.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Resting is not a easy job

Hi All

do not like this resting lark, its boring, so I have been venturing into my work room, I do a bit, rest a bit, trouble is I am putting on weight,

I am continuing to make my laboratory equipment, I shall soon have to come up with names for them, my mind boggles at what they will be used for, I spent ages yesterday looking at pressure gauges ( I lead an exciting life) eventually I found some I could use, I can be so picky but I like everything to look right and when I am working on a project, I have pictures in my mind of what I want things to look like, fussy, but it seems to work for me.
You can see for yourselves