Saturday, 3 September 2011

Have got the dresser finished, I added some china pieces a plate of cakes, food in the bottom cupboard and the linen, the doors I replaced the inner panel with fine wire mesh, you can see the final result in the pictures.
I also finished a bed I had lying around, I made pink covers with matching pillows, got to make a couple more pillows than that's done.
still rubbing down the other unit, and still have not decided what to do with it.

Went junk shopping yesterday, found a lovely wooden frame and a little unit with glass doors, so far I have just rubbed them down and painted them white, I am waiting for inspiration to strike, must add these are not miniatures.

we are hoping that the weather will hold and we can get painting the unit and shelves painted, so much want my living room finished, but looking out its looks very grey,
if it does rain I will shut myself in my workroom and enjoy my miniatures,

have a look at the photos, what do you think of them,

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Hi all
I must say thank you all for you great comments, its lovely to hear from you, due to my condition i do not get out much and I rely a lot on the Internet to maintain contacts with everyone and I really do appreciate it when I hear from you, I do not feel quite so isolated, so a big THANK YOU.

have got a little bit more done, not much, as I spent the day with my eldest son, he was home fro Scotland for a few days, so he took me out to my favorite junk shops, we had a great day,
how is it when you go to these places you always find something that you did not know you really needed,  so you have to have it. I keep trying to stop buying but somehow my hand goes in my purse and if by magic I have a bag with items in it,

Back to minis, I have painted the dresser light blue, distressed it, made the doors,
made a tablecloth and napkins, I want to fill the bottom shelves with linens, so lots to do there, so I thought of tea towels, dusters, maybe more depends where my mind takes me.
have a look

can you see I have a blue theme going on.

I never know how my minis will turn out as I make it up as I go along, I sometimes have a rough idea, it seems like this dresser will be having a blue theme.

I finished off a couple of projects I am doing for my kitchen, one was a 2 drawer box, I painted this, distressed it, added some pictures I found at Graphics Fairy blog, this is a great blog and well worth looking at. This box is now used for keeping my garlic and fresh ginger in, the other piece was a small box, again this was painted, distressed and pictures added, I also varnished both bits to protect them, anyway some photos so you can see what I did.

 Don't forget to click on the pictures to see the detail.

I was so pleased I received some Egyptian objects from eBay, as if I needed any more, but could not resist when I saw them, they arrived yesterday, I am hoping today to start painting the shop, I cannot wait to start putting it all together, take a look at my new pieces

well time to hang out my washing, for a change its not raining, see you all soon

Tuesday, 30 August 2011


I managed to sneak out and work on some miniatures, I left them hanging the wallpaper, crept into my work room and got busy, and I was not missed and apart from the odd call for cups of tea I was left alone, as I was not sure how long I would have I did not want to start my Egyptian shop because knowing my luck just as I got started I would be called.
I checked in my box of minis and found a few bits I could work on,

the minis I picked out

first I got a settee and decided to turn into a grubby worn out piece, cruel I know but I painted the base white, broke one of the legs and then attacked it all with sand paper, I made holes in the seat pulled out some wadding and then put in some springs, I then got a bit of fabric edged it with a fringe, dirtied it up and placed this on the settee, I added 2 grubby cushions, hid a gin bottle behind the cushion, a couple of screwed up newspapers and a glass, see what you think.

see the books under the broken leg, they are to help steady it,

I then turned to the cabinet, I wanted to distress this and also change it a bit, I removed all the doors and first painted it white, then pale blue, I decided that I did not want the doors on at the top of the cabinet but would be keeping 2 doors on the base, I have had to take them apart to make them fit better, I have taken out the inner panel of the doors and I will be replacing them with wire,

now waiting for it to dry then I can add the blue, In the meantime I came across another cabinet so I have started to rub this down I am not sure what I will be doing with it, once I have stripped it back I will then decide.

All the time I have been doing this my wall is now wall papered, looks great, this week the new units will be started to be painted, there is a lot of painting before it is put together, I am so impatient for it to be done,
well that's all for now,