Saturday, 12 January 2013

more crafts, help needed

Hi All

I need your opinions, I know this is not mini related, but read on 

 I am looking at different ways to earn a bit of money, living on benefits does not allow me the luxury of extra cash for my hobbies, I still sell my minis, but it is slow, i think people do not have the money now and when things are difficult one of the first things to go is your hobby,  

So here come my idea, and this is where I would love your input, I came up with the idea of a travel set, it will comprise of, bag, luggage tags, passport holder, ticket wallet and a book for a travel log, they will all be in the same fabric, I thought I could also do the same for adults and children.
I thought I could do these as orders only to begin with and cost them at £20.00 the set, this is the first time I have tried with my craft work to sell, usually I just make presents and stuff for the home. So this is where you come in

1. what do you think of the idea?
2. have I priced them right?
3. do you think they would sell?

well I will leave you with photos of the set and await your help. Thank you

The bag

the set

Thursday, 10 January 2013

starting my craft work

Hi All

Today I strated on my craft projects, I have an idea of making travel sets, they will consist of, a bag, luggage tags, passport holder, holder for tickets etc and a travel log book, using the same material so that they are matching sets. The lady who has my minis in her shop, will put them in her shop for me, made this bag so far. What do you think?

there are 2 pockets, 1 either side


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

new work

Hi All

I finally got off my backside and done some work on my minis,
Jan wanted some minis to go on her display for Valentine cards, she also sells cards in her shop, so I made some gifts for her.

I have also made a cute little Victorian writing box, it has letters and bills inside, I think it came out well,

I do not know if you remember I brought a old gypsy caravan from ebay last year, I am going to hopefully turn it into a 1/12th caravan, well I had a look at it yesterday and decided I needed to take it to bits, I did take photos of every bit I took off so I knew how to put it back together, it had been very crudely made, there are some pieces that I will have to replace, I need to make the windows bigger and the doorway, so after taking it to bits I am now removing the paint, it chips off, there is a lot of work to be done before I even think about furnishing it, I will keep you informed of my progress,

Today I am going to work on some craft projects, I am hoping, if my body allows it, to do 2 days a week on crafts, I may have another blog for crafts, thinking about it.

Anyway enough rambling, have a look at the photos

this is before


starting to get the paint off

the valentine gifts

writing desl and letter rack

I put letter ect inside


Monday, 7 January 2013

Mini Mayhem: A Brand New Give Away for a New Year!

Mini Mayhem: A Brand New Give Away for a New Year!:    In celebration of the New Year, six months on Google Blogger, and 10,000 page views, I am offering a Give Away!    The Give Away is f...

here is the first one I found, on offer here is a lovely carpet, read the rules carefully as you need to make a comment on a story, so why not have a look and enter this great give a way

Its Monday

Hi All

Yes its Monday and I am back to finding you Give a Ways for you to enter.

I have been busy with my new puppy, we have changed her name to Molly, it suits her better, my 3 dogs are playing all the time, I just need to get Mollie used to not getting up so early!!!, my other 2 like to lie in bed, but Mollie is awake and ready to g at 6am, to early for me.

anyway off I go to whisk round and see what goodies I can find you, so don't forget to enter the give a ways, let me know if you win,

Sunday, 6 January 2013

CreativeMeAndLife: Please be safe. Just a few precautions and tips.

CreativeMeAndLife: Please be safe. Just a few precautions and tips.: ‎"THROUGH A RAPIST'S EYES" (PLS TAKE TIME TO READ THIS. it may save a life.) Click Share Button to share it on your Wall. It seems th...

I do encourage you all to read this, is sad but true we do have to be aware, I hope this never happens to anyone, but just maybe by reading this it may save someone,

Getting nothing done

Hi All

Yes that's right, I am getting nothing done, I am playing with my dogs, they make me laugh at their antics, we have renamed Tilly, she has now become Molly, I like that name more, plus she seems more like mine by me giving her a name, she has already become one of the family and now that she has been pampered and tidied up, it is like we are now seeing the real Mollie. My dogs love playing with her, especially Muppet, she is trying to assert herself, Muppet will become the boss, she already bosses Freebie so it will not be long before she bosses Mollie.

Today I really must get on with my mini making, I am making Valentine bits for the shop, Jan wants to do a display ( she also sells greeting cards) for valentines day, and wants to incorporate my minis, she has left it up to me what I do, so I have been looking through my books, looking on the web and have got my inspiration, so will be putting it together today.

Got some more photos for you to see, this is Muppet asserting herself on Mollie. you will also get an idea of the size of  my mini dog, Muppet.