Saturday, 3 November 2012

Drama day

Hi all

why does it seem like I take 2 steps forward, 4 steps back, let me explain, the last few day I have been feeling incredibly tired, I put it down to the weather and how cold it is now getting, well yesterday I had a real drama day, got up, felt a bit rough but carried on, had a coughing fit and coughed up some blood, thought this is not quite right, but will get my ironing done and wait to see what happens, well for the next hour I continued to cough and show blood, in between ironing my clothes, also was getting more breathless, so my son by now was getting more worried, so we rang the NHS helpline, I was explaining what was going on and they decided I needed an ambulance and a trip to the hospital.

Off I go, I am then subjected to a series of blood tests, and I have the bruises to prove it!!, oxygen therapy and an xray, it turned out that my clotting levels had dropped, this was causing the bleeding and making me tired, so they upped the dosage of my warfarin. Bit of a buggar as I had just been allowed to go 8 weeks between blood tests, so I am now back to weekly tests, the doctor said, my blood is to unstable to go for long periods between tests,
Anyway feeling much better now, but have strict instructions to rest, for those that know me this is a hard thing for me to do, but I know I have to, so no minis for me this weekend, but I may just sit and do some cross stitch I am sure that is not to taxing.

The things we have to live with. But then when I look around the world and see what is happening I feel my problems are little in comparison.

I hope our friends in America are recovering from their dreadful storms
have a great weekend.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

The day after

Hi All

I was so shocked to see the damage how friends in the USA have suffered after the storm, It will take a long time to get back to some kind of order, My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Well I survived another Trick or Treat night, I am afraid, as much as I love Halloween, I turn into a bit of a misery and I have a sign saying no to trick or treaters, this is not because I am mean, its because I have 2 doggies and they go crazy every time the door bell goes and the though of constant ringing and barking is more than I could stand, so my night here passed quietly, I just have firework night to go, around here we have fireworks every night for about a week leading up to the big night, it my doggies are not scared of the noise, they just bark a lot and want to go outside every time they hear a bang, Bliss.

 Had a bit of a rough day yesterday so did not get a lot done, Jan at the shop had asked me for some little minis to sell, so I have made little gift packs, they consist of, apron, oven gloves and set of tea towels, hope she likes them.
have a look

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

my xmas work for the shop

Hi All

I must start off with thoughts to our blog friends in America. please stay safe.

Yesterday was a disaster, I searched for nearly 2 hours for a new give a way, could not find any that you had not already seen, hopefully I will have more luck next week. Sorry.

I managed to complete my Christmas scene, will be taking it to the shop today, I came up with a great idea for the fire I had not got a fire that I could put into the fireplace, and I sat there pondering what could I do? so I got out my stash, I have a box just full of Christmas stuff, well in there I found a little wreath that had flashing lights behind it, the sort you get at Christmas to put on your coat, so I removed the wreath, this left the lights and the tiny battery, I could not just put that in, so I shredded some gold and red shinny paper, put all this in the fire with the light behind it. it worked, So I know what i will be looking for today when I go into Town.

Here are the photo's

This is how the scene will be set, sorry pic not to good

The furniture, really pleased with this, as I printed my own fabric

getting ready for Christmas, cards to write, parcels to wrap

in here, there is a box of Xmas decorations to finish the tree, some parcels that have been wrapped, chaos just like my house near Xmas,

Monday, 29 October 2012

CANDID CANINE: 2012 Halloween in Miniature Day 5 - Welcome to Fra...

CANDID CANINE: 2012 Halloween in Miniature Day 5 - Welcome to Fra...: Welcome to Day 5 of the 2012 Halloween in Miniature party! If you haven't, check in at Day 1.   Today, we have a special treat. What ...

Going to brag now, Look where franks Place is, yes I have joined the halloween party

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #30

Jazzi Minis: Monday Mini Link Party #30: Welcome  to another Mini Link Party for fellow miniaturists everywhere!    Jazzi's Mini Link Party is to increase awareness of Miniaturist...

Just a reminder to pop over to Jazzi minis and join in the link party, get your name out there

I love Mondays

Hi All

Yes I love Mondays, why I do not know, just thought I would say it.
Did not get much done to my minis this weekend, had a bit of a lazy 2 days, some times I have to let my body rest, Feeling great today, so minis on the menu.

Will be flying around the web soon finding Give a ways for you to enter, please let me know if you enter and if you win.

I have had a lot of lovely comments about my feature of "Franks Place" in the "Dolls houe and Miniature scene" magazine, must admit I am still feeling good about that, it is very nice to have your work noticed.

Has anyone heard where and how Mini Jazzi is? cannot seem to find her.

Well of I go, look out for the Give a ways