Thursday, 29 December 2011

Back to reality

 I hope you have all had a nice Christmas,
 I had a nice  Christmas we had a quiet  day Christmas day, then the family round on boxing day, so pleased my son and his girlfriend got engaged Christmas day, that was a lovely surprise, not sure when the wedding will be, he wants to finish his degree first so at least a year and a half to wait, never mind gives me time to save.

Had some lovely presents, no minis, but did get some money to buy some, now its all over and just New year to come,

I finally got a chance today to get into my work room, what is it about new year, I decided to paint one wall in my room, and change some things around, having a clear out and trying to get a bit more organised, I start off with good intentions and some how everything gets in a muddle, oh well maybe one day it will be tidy,

had some good news I think, saw the Orthopaedist Wednesday, he has said I need a scan on my rt. arm then a operation as he thinks I have impingement syndrome, in layman's terms it means I have a small bit of tendon catching on the bone, so now waiting for another appointment.

Friday its the cardiologist, for my heart, I will be so glad when this year is over and hopefully I will start to feel more like my old self,

I have been thinking about my next project and have a few ideas, going to check out my stash to see what gets my interest, something different I think, we will see,

going to see if my paint is dry, catch you all soon
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