Friday, 23 December 2011


There is only 2 sleeps left and the big day is here, the house is decorated, presents are wrapped, food is brought,   I am ready.
Yesterday I went to the big supermarket to buy some bits I had forgotten from my list, now this year I have kept to a budget, some of my presents have been hand made, they have been wrapped in brown paper and string with  added decorations I have found on the big wide web, I made my cards, I cut back on the food, as last year a lot ended up in the bin, in the shop every where I looked there were people with trolleys so full, and I thought its only one day, most of the shops will be open on Boxing day, why do we do this to ourselves, we have to have everything even if we do not like it, after all its Christmas, we seem to of forgotten the meaning of Christmas, yes its a celebration, but of the birth of Jesus and the start of Christianity, do we really need all we buy, will the world stop if we go without the nuts, I just ask when you are shopping just think of those who cannot have what we have, and just give one little item to them, I thank you,
I hope you will forgive this rant, and understand my meaning, I do not want to upset anyone as these are just my thoughts.

I also want to say for those who have lost loved ones, take a few minutes, remember them, shed a few tears, we are allowed to, after all they are still part of our lives even if they are no longer with us, every year I am the first one up, and I sit quietly and I do cry for the daughter I lost and my dad who is no longer here, it does not spoil my day, but I feel that I have included them.
To all the friends I have made, my followers, I wish you all  a Very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year
Debbie x
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