Saturday, 15 November 2014

Christmas is coming, printies for you

Hi All

Yes its official Christmas is coming, the coke advert is back. I always know that's when I need to start my shopping, I confess I have already started.

 This year I have a grandson to spoil,  they have asked us all not to get Jack a lot, as he has so much, and they would rather have money for him, so later in the year they can buy him what he needs, I have said yes, but there will  be something for him under the tree. I have Jack's tin,  this is where I put in 2.00 a week and on his birthday I will open it and put the money into a bank account for him, I intend to do this for as long as I am able.When they have another baby I will do the same.

I made a few more minis for my fete, now I need to sort out everything I have made, price it up and make sure I have enough  to sell.
I also need to think about how I will display them all. Will have a look on the web for ideas.

I have some Christmas printies for you, these are ones I have found on the web,so please only personal use.

the suitcases are blocks of wood,covered with imitation leather

oops just noticed some of the shells have come off.

going to try this,on orders only, 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Its getting very cold

morning all

yes its getting cold, its a bit of a shock, we have had such good weather this year, we had got used to being warm, so now its on with the heating and staying in, tome its a good excuse to sit in my work room and do my minis.

I have completed more minis for the fete, I was pleased with my make-up  that I made, I made a small container, used black card to separate the base into four and then used different coloured fimo to make it look like eye make-up. I got a tiny bead cut of some bristles from a paint brush and glued this in the bead, to form a make-up brush, for the lip stick I used part of a connector (used for jewellery making) using red fimo popped this in the connector and this became the lipstick, I had seen this some where on the web, its works well.

I then got some trays and made up trays with perfumes and jewel's,  made some jewellery boxes, enough of me going on why don't I just show you the photo's.

the cot was repainted and decorated, I made the blankets, added a gift basket.

Xmas scene finished, I know Father Christmas is a bit big, but could not resist him

the tiny minis

see the make up

I striped the pram and then repainted it and added fabric

Monday, 10 November 2014

Its been a while

Hi All

Its been a while since I spoke to you. Lots have been happening and I have been busy.
I had a great time at the bike fest,  My project "BUSTED KNUCKLE" went down very well and raised a lot of money for Magpas. I also sold a lot of my craft work.

I picked up some orders,so that kept me busy for a while, I put my minis on Ebay and sold the lot!! so pleased. I then got asked to have a table at the Avon Christmas party in December, in aid of cancer,  I have been busy making minis and crafts to sell.

I went to Edinburgh to stay with my son and his wife and of course to see baby Jack, I got him to myself, which was lovely. They have since been home for a few days, so got to hold him again. They will be back at Christmas.

Jan, from the shop asked me to make some small baby gifts to put in her shop.

I finally got my wet room, this has made my life much easier, After that we decided to freshen up the rest of the bungalow, now waiting for the flooring to be done. 

In amongst all this my sister-in-law gave up the fight she was having with cancer,this is a very sad time for the family,she was only 51 and leaves 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren.
Her funeral was last week. Now hopefully my nieces can begin to pick up their lives.

Anyway, I have been busy making loads of stuff for my table top sale, I will be having a mixture of minis and crafts, this week I need to sort out what I have made and to see what else I need to do.

So you can see I have  been busy, life is beginning to slow down so  hopefully I will now be back to blogging, I have missed it, I have been keeping up to date  with all your blogs and your lovely work.

Right her is the evidence in the form of photos.

My son Liam,meeting his nephew Jack, for the first time

baby Jack
me and Jack

my son, Thomas and Jack out for lunch
Christmas hutch

I hand painted these

bit more to do on these

recycling jeans

made from old jeans

I was asked to make 3 cushions from old t-shirts,I used old jeans  to         make the cushions and then put the t-shirts on top
my doggies 

Well  that's it for now, back soon with more photo's xx