Thursday, 22 January 2015

Had a slow day

Hi All

Do you ever have one of those days, where you look like you are doing something,but in reality nothing gets done!! Yesterday was one of those days.

My work table looked good, all sorts of stuff spread all over.To those that do not know, it looked like I was being very productive NO!!  it was just an illusion.

I was having a clumsy day, everything I picked up I dropped,  I glued, then found out after it had dried, that I had glued the wrong bit. 

But amongst the chaos I did get some right.

My watches got painted, and wallets got made.

I hope today I get on a bit better and will get more done.

the wallets, need to make boxes for them

watches, boxes.these are charms, that I painted

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Belt up

Hi All
I must apologise, I did not notice that the number of followers had increased, so welcome to my new followers, it is lovely to see you here, I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to make comments,

This new project of mine is getting to be very addictive, my head is brimming with ideas and I have to be careful, I do have a habit of having 2-3 projects on the go. 

Yesterday I started to make belts, I used thin strips of leather and decorated them, for decoration  I used some tiny gold and sliver (coloured not real) tiny shapes, cannot remember where I got  them from, they are very fiddly to use, and then I dropped the lot on the floor, I had to use cellotape to help me pick them up, it took me ages. That will teach me to make sure  I put things in a safe place.

I also made boxes for my gloves to go in.

I was hoping to start painting the dolls house, but the weather  here is very cold and damp, I really need a dry day so I can get outside, if  I can't do that I will only be able to do one bit at a time, that means it will take ages, and I am not  the most patient of person.

Anyway here are the photos

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Only the small

Hi All

Thank you for your kind words, 
My bruises are slowly going and it is easier move.  That's the only thing about my condition, if I have a fall or an injury, my body reacts by giving me severe pins and needles in my legs and loads of pain, I have to increase my pain medication and wait it out.

I am  so glad I have my miniatures, they help to keep me distracted. Anyway enough about that.

I am continuing to work on men's accessories, I have been making socks, gloves and hankies, bugger are they fiddly, my first attempt of socks were not very good,  I thought  by sewing 2 shapes of socks together, they would look good,but they turned out to bulky.
so I made them by using  a single piece of material, they looked much better. 

The hankies were a lot easier, I just cut up strips and folded  them,placed them in a box and  covered them.

It is so fiddly making tiny bits,  my fingers  are to big, bits get dropped  never to found, the wrong bits stick together, and we call this fun,some call it madness,whatever it is I love it.

here's a photo of yesterdays work.