Friday, 12 April 2013

it did not happen

Hi All
thank you so much for your good wishes, but the operation did not happen, it was cancelled due to the fact they did not have a Intensive Care bed, and my condition is to risky to operate without proper back up, I was so angry, I have spent a year doing everything they have asked of me, I have had scans, tests and bloods done, all in preparation for this day.

I do understand that they need to ensure I am safe and nothing goes wrong, but why did they not read my notes before I came in and sorted it out. I now have to wait for the op again, I am on tender hooks as it could be anytime. Frustrating.

Yesterday I felt so lost, I was so prepared for my op, I did not know what to do with myself, did spend some of the day sleeping.

I hope today to get up and start some mini making, I need to start on my sons wedding gift, if I have my op soon I will not be able to do anything for weeks.

lets see what the day brings

Monday, 8 April 2013

Morning all

Hi All

no mini's this week, I have been concentrating on making sure my body is at its best ready for my operation this Wednesday. I have spring cleaned my bungalow, caught up on all those little jobs, stocked up the cupboards and made sure I have had plenty of rest.
Just waiting now, It took me a while to get my injections sorted out, but thanks to a really nice and helpful lady called Sally, it was sorted out in a day. I started my injection's yesterday, looking forward to a bruised belly.

I have also collected loads of magazines and books, got myself some aida fabric, all in anticipation of not being able to  much after the operation. I will try to keep you updated on my progress.

I got a lovely surprise Saturday, I won a give a way from the lovely Carmen, blog I was so pleased with what I found when I opened my box,

I will have a look today to see if I can find give a ways for you to enter

my gift from Carmen