Friday, 10 December 2010

how life conspires against you

I did promise tutorials, got everything done, dog walked, housework finished, started to sort out tutorials for you and guess what battery gone on camera, so will do it tomorrow now, plus had a phone call from my friend who needed a sledge and father christmas for a 6 year old, could I do one, so I have been sitting here trying to come up with something, thank goodness for this months Dolls House and Miniature scene magazine, great project of just what I wanted so using that as a guide made one, had to make it a bit more sturdy and slightly bigger, its getting there, will show you when finished.

too little time, too much to do

Hi all.
first a big thank you to all of you that follow my blog, when I started this I just thought it would be me and only me that looked at this, but day by day I seem to be picking up followers,
I had promised to put on some more tutorials, but forgot that Christmas would be coming and my time would be taken up with other things, have got big withdrawal symptoms and need to get creating fast, to curb them.
Today i have promised myself, get up early, Done, get housework over quickly, well can't do that while I am writing this, walk the dog, then get into my workroom and get some tutorials for you on this blog, so lets see by the end of the day what I get done.
did find a little cabinet that I made some time ago, using beads to make little pots so will be poping a picture for you on at the end of this,
having trouble with doing my web site, think I will have to wait for the new year then get some help, I can manage the basics, but have trouble adding pages ect, anyone have any tips would love to hear,
hopefully then I can start to sell my miniatures from the site, have done Ebay in the past, but with the costs and hassle its not worth it, maybe if you are a power sellar and sell lots at a time its good, but for me who takes time to make my miniatures it does'nt seem to work, so web page really needed.
there I go rambling again, told you thats what I do.
so will leave you with the picture of the cabinet and catch up with you all later