Saturday, 3 March 2012

look what I got

wow 110 followers now, thank you all, hope you enjoy my blog and be sure to enter the give a way.

The postman left me a letter today and in it was the loveliest little doilies I have ever seen, also there was some mini post, Thank you Norma, from make mine mini, my name was drawn out when she did a give a way, they are beautiful.

Thank you Norma xx

I worked on my little doggy salon today, I painted the outside, the windows and the front door, I am not sure yet if I like the colour, will live with it for a while and make my mind up. see what you think?

the shop nearly finished

While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I finished off another little project, a dresser, I painted then distressed it, added some items, not sure what I will be doing withit yet.
see you all soon, don't forget to enter the give a way

Friday, 2 March 2012

had a day off, and some printies for you

I had a day off yesterday, the sun was shinning and the garden was calling, so my son and I worked on clearing the garden up, this year I will not be having my vegetable plot, it has become to hard for me to manage, My son is having a small plot for himself to grow stuff for us.
It was a lovely day.

Imagine my surprise when I looked at my blog and see more followers, thank you. Its lovely to see you here. I hope you enjoy my blog, feel free to comment, I love comments, I am glad so many of you are entering my give a way,

I did not get any work done on my project so nothing to show you, so I have a few printies for you, these are from a lunagirl vintage cd that I brought some time ago, feel free to use them but only for personal use please.

hope you like them, well better go shopping today, then minis later,
have a great day

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

up date for give a way

Hi all
due to some people who follow my blog do not have a blog themselves I am happy for all to enter by leaving a comment, and if you have a blog then please link me, do not feel that you cannot enter the give a way if you do not have a blog as I would like everyone to have a chance to win  Debbie x

As promised My Give a Way

Now I have 102 followers, thank you all for helping me reach 100 and over, so with that in mind here is a give a way, I thought about what would I like to give as a prize, it was easy I have decided to give some of my doggy products I have been making,
the prize.
small dog bed. book, pictures, food bowls, toys, bones, food boxes, collar and lead and a  dog coat,

the prize
to enter please leave a comment on my blog, and please could you put a link for my blog on your blog, thank you.
I will announce the winner in 1 weeks time. good luck to all who enter.

today I got another bargain, a big one, a dolls house shop for £16.00, we have this shop called the Attic, it has everything in there, and you never know what you will find, I always come away with something, and today when I saw the shop, I thought for about a nano second do I want this? what do you think, yes, yes, yes, so i quickly paid for it before someone beat me to it, so pleased, it will have to wait till i decide what it will become,
have a look

how lucky am I

I did manage to get some more work done today on my doggy project, I made a table to sit in the shop, on this I placed some bones and treats, a magazine, a gift box ready to be wrapped for a doggy gift, on the shelves I placed the food bowls, some more toys and wrapping paper, i also added some dogs to the salon, one is sitting in the cage, another waiting and I on the table about to have his cut and blow dry, I also put the roof tiles on, I have got to play around a bit with the roof space, it should fix lower down, but this cuts down on the amount of space available for the showroom, so will have  a look to see what changes I can do, I have started to paint the outside of the house, I hope to have this finished by the weekend.
see you all tomorrow, and don't forget to enter the giveaway.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

steaming ahead

I can tell I am on steroids, apart from a massive appetite, I have lots of energy, so I was up early, housework done and I got on with my project.

today I started to furnish the shop, I made 2 clothes rails from parts of a fan glued to balsa wood, then using kebab sticks made a rail, the ends I finished off with a small jewellery cap, this was all painted, then using some little hangers I stitched the clothes on and put them all on the rails.
I also made a rail for the dog collars, using again kebab sticks, added some shelves which I filled with books ect, the small chest of drawers were put in place and items placed on top, these included, bones, treats and biscuits I made from fimo, also some of the toys I had made. its all beginning to look real.

I also have tiled the roof, this drying as we speak, so no picture yet.

this will be just for dogs, I was hoping to have room for other animals but now that I have put the little house together there is not a lot of room, so my choice was just to do the doggy shop, maybe I will do another one, we will see, I have had another idea already something different again.

Postman delivered me 2 lovely items today, I got these from eBay, 1 is a old sewing stool which contained a few items and the other was a lovely little house that can be lit up, these are not for my dolls house just because I liked them, I love miniature items and was very pleased with these.
lets see the photos.

my little house brought from eBay

the miniature sewing basket

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Monday, 27 February 2012

Flying high today

I have had a great day today, thank you so much for your good wishes, it was lovely hearing from you all.

Back to today, felt very well so run into my workroom, well after getting dressed, a bit of housework, and some washing done, then my time was my own, so what did I do,

I wanted to make a dryer for my doggy salon, I got a picture of the web, got out my box of bit, this is were I put everything that I may need some day, broken watches, clocks, lighters anything really, so with this to follow I started to create, and I am pleased with the result, see  what you think.

picture from web

my design

I have also have started to put the rooms together, I have started on the wash room.
I love this bit, when everything starts coming together,
tomorrow I will be putting the shop together, I have started some of it, you will see from the photos the progress I am making.
see you all then.

I redone the dog cage, it was a bit big for the shop.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

WOW 100 followers

Thank you Thank you, to my new followers, you have got me to 100, I am so pleased with all my friends, that's what I feel you all are, you have given me encouragement and support, shown you care when i am poorly, admired my miniatures and helped me to believe in myself, thank you does not seem enough, so I will be sorting out  a give a way, so watch this space,  I will be doing it soon.

Now this weekend, what have I been doing, no minis, home life and housework got in the way, my son and his girlfriend have been over from Edinburgh, so I got time to be with him, I do not see him a lot so every visit is very special.

I also had a ultra scan to my right shoulder, bit disappointed, I suppose I was expecting to be told it was ok, since I have been on my steroids the pain had been less and I had a lot more movement, so entered the room today with a smile and left with a frown, I have a 2cm spilt to the top tendon and a small tear to the one in the front, so now I have got to have an operation, but because of my medical condition and medication, it has got to be
at least a 3 day stay, I have got to contact my consultantstomorrow and wait to see what is going to happen, I continue to smile, hard sometimes, but never mind, life goes on and there are many worse off then me. well moan over.

Will be back to my minis tomorrow, and staring to sort out the give a way, so again thank you

see you all soon xxxx mini hugs