Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Hi All

First how hard is it to give your post a heading? I struggle some times, what do others do?

I am pleased to see some new followers to my little blog, thank you, I do hope you enjoy what you see and read, feel free to leave comments,

I did not do a lot on minis yesterday, by the time I got back from the vets ( dogs, not me) opened my parcel, gushed at the caravans, don't you just love them, had a coffee, it was time to think about getting tea, sometimes the days just go, Today I have a doctors appointment, just a routine check up, no doubt will get nagged into getting my flu jab, I will be working on my minis, yes I will, if I say it enough times I am sure I will!!.

Did you catch up with Mini Jazzi, so pleased to see she has arrived safety, I am looking forward to hearing about all her adventures,

So minis today, I have finally finished painting all of my bits and today will now start to put them back together, will be adding items, making items, lots to do, but this is the part I love best, hate the painting bits. my son must be so used to me and the strange things I do, he heard the microwave ping, so asked what was I cooking, I said furniture, and he just accepted it,

this will not do, washing to hang out, things to do, catch you all later

Look what I got

HI all
Bit late today. did not get up till 9.40am then had to take doggies to vets for their injections, Muppet was finally big enough to have a micro chip put in, she now weighs 2.3kgs.

When we got back parcel was waiting for me, my Gypsy caravans. got them from Ebay, the big one will become a 1/12th miniature for a band of Gypsies, not sure about the smaller one yet. I love them, they are quite old and I am looking forward to getting started on it.

Lots of research to do first, anyway check them out


Minhas Minis - My Minis: Doll Viajante - Mini Jazzi World Trip

Minhas Minis - My Minis: Doll Viajante - Mini Jazzi World Trip: Agora vou dar um tempinho na loja e recepcionar uma hóspede MUITO importante!!! VIP total!!! Ela é a Mini Jazzi ! Eu sou a segunda anfitriã ...

Mini Jazzi has arrived in Brazil, the poor girl has had such an ordeal, read all about it, so glad she is safe and sound, felt very sorry for her, so hurry up and if you are not followering her journey, catch up now, fasinating

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Messy lot

Hi All.
For those of you who enquired about Muppet and her ordeal, she is a lot better now, she has got very nervy, but hopefully that will lessen in time, I have not taken her out since. I think I am as nervous as she is.

Had another problem with photos again, I had used up all my space in my Pisclia web albums, I am to mean to buy more space so I am deleting pics to give me more room, this will take a while

Now for the mini news, I have put my Christmas chalet on hold for a few days, I need to make some new items to go unto the shop, if you remember I have been offered a shelf in the local hobby shop to display and sell my minis, having sorted through my stash, I am in the process of changing it, I thought I would show you a picture of what it looks like before I start to make it to my own design.

The good news is Mini Jazzi has arrived, will send you a link as soon as she lets us know, I wonder what adventures she will have, so looking forward to her coming here.

can you see what they will be?

Monday, 24 September 2012

CHRISER MINIATURES: DRAW apuntaros one of these bags can be yours

CHRISER MINIATURES: DRAW apuntaros one of these bags can be yours

can you just believe the talent in creating these handbags, I've entered, have you?

My Mini Mod Pod: Giveaway Time

My Mini Mod Pod: Giveaway Time: Well, it's been a few months since I have had a giveaway, and I think it's time for another one: I'm giving away everything you see h...

found another give a way, try this one

Sunday, 23 September 2012

MiniEden: Cumpleaños de Minieden (GIVEAWAY)

MiniEden: Cumpleaños de Minieden (GIVEAWAY): Hace un año aproximadamente creé mi blog un sitio donde compartir mis trabajos y mis proyectos de forma mas global. Cosa de lo cual me...

this is just lovely, have a look at this give a way, also have a look at the blog, wonderful minis to see

A new week, a new start

Hi All
after last week, where I seemed to be running fast but getting no where, I have decided that this week will be productive, although I must tell you the week did end very well, I won 92.00 on the lottery, so it was not all bad.

Back to today, I did start to bash up some furniture, I need to make some minis to put in the shop,  did I tell you I have been offered a shelf to display my work, its in a railway modellers shop, I had very little to show, so looking through my stash, I found some bits I could use, will take a photo today so you can see a before photo.

I will now scoot around and see what lovely give a ways I can find you all, don't forget to enter.