Saturday, 26 July 2014

Tweety Petie Products: Mini Giveaway!

Tweety Petie Products: Mini Giveaway!: I felt the need for a spontaneous giveaway, so here goes nothing!  Please join in the fun and enter the giveaway. How Do You Enter th...

here's another great give a way, have a look

Welcome to Dollhouse Miniatures by Felma: A Give Away Is Here! Thank You For Your Patience During My Time Of Grief!

Welcome to Dollhouse Miniatures by Felma: A Give Away Is Here! Thank You For Your Patience During My Time Of Grief!

have a look at Felma's give a way, is is wonderful that she still thinks of others despite what she is going through, she deserves all our support nd love
Hi All

well I seem to be flying with this project, solved the problem with the sticky paint, I put them in the fridge, it worked.

I have started to make the floor, I am using filler, I put it all over the floor and before it dried I maked it as if it is stone slabs, today i am hoping to paint it.

I have to now find labels for the bits I am making, have to stop calling them bits and find out the correct name for the equipment, but I am not a mechanic, 
I was thinking, if anyone looked at my history on my puter, they would think I am very strange, it reads, labels, petrol,oil and tools. good job we have a delete button.

anyway a few photos

don't you think it looks better painted red.

petrol cans, and a thingy

base covered

bowl filled with oil

beginning to take shape
making sure it looks ok

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thank you

Hi All

thank you for your advice, I got rid of the offending blog, not nice at all, but never mind its gone now.

I continue on with my biker workshop, this heat, lovely as it is is playing havoc with painting of my  creations, the paint is still sticky after being left all night, so got on with other bits.
i am now making some of the equipment that you will find in a bikers garage, not sure what they are called, need to talk to my son and ask him, 

I added a top to my base and I have to wait for the glue to dry, why is it when you start a project, you spend a lot of time waiting!! for paint, glue.

not much to show you today, but did think I would show you what I use to help me create my minis, hopefully tomorrow, if the paint is dry I will be able to show you more

went with the red looks better

the base

some of my trash

Wednesday, 23 July 2014



I am so shocked looking at my blogs list that I read I came across one from

ELTAL LERDE BELEN  so I had a look it is PORN, some bloke saying this is his wife and welcomes comments there are some I would like to give !!
How do I remove the blog


making progress

Hi all

thank you for your lovely comments, so nice to know I was missed xx

its been so hot here, makes a change to have all this sun, so we are making the most of it.

I have been to my first pulmonary rehab, yes in this heat I did an hour of gentle exercises, it seems like its going to useful and fun, mind you twice a week   for that and other appointments I am pushing it to find time for minis.

I sprayed the helmet black and then decided that  I needed more room inside and also it would be hard for anyone to look inside without breaking their backs, I needed to raise the helmet up.

So on with my thinking hat, I decided raise it using blocks of wood and bendy wood panelling, thank god for no more nails!! using that and tape, I left it for 24hrs and it worked, now i need to build on it, I need to have a small platform for the helmet to stand on.

I continued on with painting the bits I made, to make the mechanics cabinet, I made a cupboard and then I took the legs of a chest of chairs and this will go on the top. I am not sure now it is painted, I think it may be painted again but this time shinny red, that seems to be the colour of them, plus when I placed it in the helmet the colour of it did not make it stand out. will think about it, yes thought and yes i am going to repaint it, anyway its supposed to look like metal, why do we never make life easy for ourselves.

I am so glad I have my mojo back

couple of photos for you

the stand in progress for the helmet

mechanics cupboard

Monday, 21 July 2014



yes I am back, lots to tell you, I could not believe how low I got, it was hard for me as I am a very positive happy go lucky person, so to get depressed was hard to accept, anyway I am now in a much better place.

I took my dad to Edinburgh, he had never been and it gave me a chance to spend time with my son and his wife, Amy is blooming now and looks very well, not long now, September 2nd is the due date, but as we all know babies decide when to come, they are both excited, buying baby bits.I took them loads of baby stuff I had been busy sewing, I made a changing bag, which they loved.
Have a look

its a bag, handles open so it can be put over the handle of the pram

pockets for the baby bits

the changing mat
Since I came back, I have had orders for a changing bag and bibs/burp pads. I have been busy sewing, I am going to try to sell them, thinking of opening a Esty shop, but am struggling with a name, any ideas?
skull set

blanket with fleece backing
tag toy, I really love making these.
I had forgotten how much I enjoy sewing, and it made a nice change from minis. 

I have been commissioned to make a mini item for a bikers fest in September, took a while for me to come up with an idea, I finally decided on a bikers workshop inside a helmet, would not be me if I took the easy route, this gave me back my interest in minis, had lost my mojo for a while, I intend to use a lot of oddments and recycle as much as I can, I am also having a stall there, Looking forward to that, I will show off the stuff I make, it will include: minis, shabby chic boxes, baby stuff and a few keyrings, I am going to take Franks Place  ( this was the project I made using parts from the inside of a old computer tower. Will have to make cards so that if people are interested in my work they will know where to find me.

Franks Place.

this is the helmet I will be making the scene in and some of the stuff I have collected, I got given some small motor cycles.

I will show you this as as I do it, I have bits that I have made and have been painted, will pop on some photos soon.

my health is not to bad, although as much as I love this heat wave we are having, it does help my breathing.  I now have a personal trainer, I visit her once a month and we do chair exercisers and talk about my diet, I am a stone over weight, but it is very hard to lose the weight as I am unable to do much exercise and the side effects of my medication is fluid, but giving it a go, also I am going to pulmonary rehab, this is a 8 week course,2 afternoons a week,this is to help me with my breathing and to help me by providing me with coping ideas, all this came about from my last COPD appointment. 

So there you are, what I have been doing, I have been reading your blogs and have enjoyed seeing your creations, what a talented bunch of people you all are.

catch you all soon