Friday, 23 March 2012

I visited Argos, oops I mean the hospital

 Hi all
Well today I went for my pre op appointment, forgive me if I mistook it for Argos. I presented myself at the reception desk, and here it starts, I was given a number C14, I have now become a number, I then go to the very large waiting room, lovely area, very clean,
there are various waiting areas with reception desks, then we wait for your number to be displayed on the large screen, at last my number is there, I present myself to the 2nd reception desk, jokingly I said I have come to collect my order, now that went down like a lead balloon,  I was then taken by the nurse and we started to fill in the book that will reveal all my details, will not bore you with all that, I was bored and it was about me!!, then we get to the Warfarin, she says it has to be stopped, I said no way, its too risky, then came the phone calls, 3 calls later we still do not have an answer, I am waiting for a phone call to tell me what they have decided to do. Anyway I leave this nurse and now I am allowed to sit in the yellow area, I have to have blood tests and an ECG, so I am now in the ECG waiting area, there is a big notice that says this area is for ECG patients only, again I wait for my number to appear, finally it does, I give nearly a pint of blood ( well a bit of an exaggeration ) but it felt like it, have my ECG, I am now allowed home.
As an ex nurse you would of thought that I would have a good understanding of the system and how it works, I thought I did, but I did think we used to treat patients as people, now I have become a number.

No minis to show you today, I have had enough excitement, I had been trying to make hedgehogs, but all my experiments failed, cannot seem to get it right, maybe I will leave it for a while.
I have been giving my latest shop I brought for the bargain price of £16.00 and what I could do with it, I am thinking along the lines of a shabby chic shop, what do you think.
have popped a picture on to remind you what it looks like.

I am now going to have a large drink to get over the trauma of today, bye for now

my bargain shop

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hi All

Hi All

Thank you for your lovely messages, they made me feel cared for.

We had such a lovely day yesterday, the sun was shinning and it did get very warm, I went into the garden to work, well I supervised my son, I think he got a bit fed up after a while,
he called out, "mum I have made you a coffee and I have put it in your work room" well I can take a hint.

I decided to finish off my doggy packs, I have been making some little sets to sell, I will be putting them on here, I thought what I would do is make another page for items for sale.
Then I can add to it and hopefully customers do not have to trail all though the blog to find my items for sale.

I took a picture of my dogs this morning, the puppy "Muppet" is now 8 mths old, and I think it is safe to say I have a mini dog, but do not let size fool you, she is fierce and very determined to have her own way. The problem is she is so cute she can get a way with anything.
She had her haircut last week and she looks like a skinned rat, sorry Muppet, I still love you.
Freebie, my Yorkie, is so soft and just gives way to her, if Freebie is playing with a toy and Muppet wants it she just takes it and Freebie just lets her. They play very well together, Muppet loves to be outside and has discovered its great to dig holes, naughty, I am trying to stop that.

Bit nervous about my forthcoming pre op appointment, I was told that I would have to leave off my warafin for a few days, but my heart consultant has told me under no circumstances must I not take my drugs, I have a condition where my blood clots very quickly we do not know why, its just one of those things. I will have to talk it over with them.
there I go rambling on, when I have pictures to show you.

one of the doggy sets, this is the only one with a dog bed, the collar is made bi Dior!!

Freebie, she love her photo taken and will pose for you.

Muppet, can you see how small she is, she looks a bit scared of the camera.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

how dod I do

Hi All
for all my bragging that I was going to sneak into my work room and create, I did not get very far, my leg was so swollen and achy after my shower, that all I could do was lie down on my bed to rest, when I woke up it was 5.30 in the afternoon, must of needed that sleep.

Today I did do a little, I am making some doggy packs to sell, so far I have got the coats cut out ready to sew, did not stay in there for long. I did not want to risk it.

I had a phone call today, if you remember I have torn ligaments to my rt. shoulder, ( I know I am falling apart) I am on the waiting list, I was thinking it would be a while before I had it done, then today I was asked if the 17th April a good day for me, yes says I, so this Friday I am seeing the pre op nurse. the only thing is in the leaflet I have about my op, it says for 4-6 weeks I should not use my arm except to do physio, what is it about this year, I am beginning to think some one is conspiring against me and is trying to prevent me doing any minis.

see you all tomorrow, God willing x

Monday, 19 March 2012

still bored, still resting

Hi All
well I am still resting and I am still bored,
had a bit of a scare on Thursday, I finally got to see my GP, she diagnosed cellulitis, so now on antibiotics, she then decided in view of my history, we had better check there is no clots, so I had to go to hospital for a scan to my leg, thank goodness, no clot, will admit was a bit scared in case they found one.

I do hope today that I can at lease do something, I was making doggy packs to sell, I keep peeping in my work room and they are still there winking at me, shouting "finish me"

I had a lovely mothers day, I had a bouquet of flowers delivered in the morning from both of my sons, and then my youngest started me off with boiled eggs and toast for breakfast and a steak dinner, plus he pampered me all day, I love my kids, even if they drive me mad sometimes, I would never be without them.

I am relying on you all not to tell anyone I am going into my work room, I promise to have my leg elevated, will let you know how I get on,
have a nice day