Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hi All
I am still enjoying our lovely hot weather, I have been working on the garden, my mum and dad brought me 12 shrubs, so they have gone in the back of the garden, its really beginning to look pretty. Last year for my birthday my son brought me 4 mini fruit trees, they are doing very well, except the pear tree, it looks like the frost may of got it, but have left it in to see if it perks up.

Have done a bit of mining, I started on the Moroccan project, I am going to the club Monday night and I thought I had better make a start, I sprayed it white, and have started to paint it, I have used gold to begin with, I also have made the flooring, I drew the shape of the base and then cut up tiny squares from some lovely shinny paper I had got, I then laid this on the base.

I made another bicycle today this time in pink, and ecorated it with flowers.

well thats my news for today.
here are some photos for you

Thursday, 24 May 2012

I've been enjoying the sun

Hi All
Yes its official we have sun, its hot, hot, hot, we have been hotter than Spain, sorry,
so I have not done any minis, I have been doing my garden, planting out some plants, my mum and dad gave me 6 shrubs for my birthday, (its not till July) but they thought I could use them now.  I am trying to make my garden easier for me, I find it is harder for me to look after it, so I am putting loads of shrubs in to cut back, hopefully on the weeding.

I did pop to town today, I had not visited my junk shops for a while, I was very glad I went, have a look at what I got

this lovely book cost only £2.00, see below what was also in it

Antique bronzing kit and Antique copper verdigris, both brand new for £3.00 each.

this candle holder £1.00.

I got the candle holder as I am going to a new dolls house club on Monday and we have to make a miniature scene from something unusual, I saw this and thought Moroccan, what do you think,
Well off to water my plants.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

It was hot!!!

Hi All
no minis to show you today, yesterday was hot, yes hot, so my son, his friend and myself, worked on the garden, well they worked I supervised. It was the fist day we could get out and start tidying it up, I have an area where we sit under the Wisteria, next week I am having it gravelled, so it needs clearing up and getting ready. We have nearly got it cleared, son finishing it today.

I have an tatty plastic table outside, it really looked like it was ready for the rubbish tip, but I found in my stash, 4 cans of beige spray, got them cheap some time ago, I always knew I would use them, so I am spraying the table, and I am going on to do the chairs as well, I never like to throw anything away, love to recycle.

Going out today to my mums, we usually go shopping, I visit the local junk shops to look for goodies, and the sun is out again today, its going to be HOT!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

We may be having summer

Hi All
I may be speaking to soon, but it is rumoured that we may be getting hot this week,  will let you know if it happens, although today has been warm and the sun has been shinning, we will see!!
I do hope they are right about the sun as I am having my patio area redone next week and there is a lot of clearing to do before they can start, I shall be helping with this but only as an adviser and official tea lady.

I had a fairly quiet weekend, I had a lot more pain, so I spent my weekend resting, feeling a bit easier today, I have not progressed as much as I wanted to with my little chicken coop, I have had to change it to a duck coop, when I looked again at the little figures they are ducks not chickens!!! need to go to spec savers.

I done more painting and got the window frames fixed in the coop, I then had a go at dressing the ducks, how frustrating was that, after a few hours I managed to get a dress on the mother duck, need a lie down before I start on the rest of the family,
Only a few photos today,

window frames in situ

mummy duck

back of the dress, tiny bow