Saturday, 6 July 2013

Its been a while

Hi All

Yes its been a while, I have had a few personal problems that have taken over my life, but they seem to be lessening now, I have been to Edinburgh to see my eldest son Thomas, I attended his graduation, and stayed for a few days afterwards. I had a brilliant time and was able to relax and recharge my batteries, it done me the world of good. I am now hopefully ready to start making my miniatures again. It seems like it was a long time ago when I last made anything. So starting Monday I will be back into my work room creating, well that's the plan.

I have got some photos for you, they are of my son and his graduation. I am now on a diet after seeing my picture, I want to lose weight before their wedding next month, I looked for a outfit while I was in Edinburgh, but could not find anything I liked and did not make me look big, so strict diet now. anyway enough gassing here are the photos

this is where they collected their degree

back view, it was very impressive

part of the university and where the ceremony was held

group photos

my son Thomas

Thomas and his girlfriend Amy

Thomas and his friends

me, Thomas and my ex husband, David

me and Thomas

at the celebratory dinner

his degree, there was only 5 students who did renewable energy

group photo of his friends, their mums and dads and us