Thursday, 2 February 2012

CANDID CANINE: Town Threatens to Destroy Dog for Accidental Broke...

CANDID CANINE: Town Threatens to Destroy Dog for Accidental Broke...: Law and government gone awry? Royal Oak, Michigan town officials are threatening to destroy a family's 4-year-old Doberman for "attacking" ...
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Monday, 30 January 2012

more photos for you to ogle over

Did not do any minis today, I have agreed to do a charity fair in March, have not got anything ready so I am beavering away making stuff, it will be all recycled items, I am going to have a few of my minis for sale as well.#

Today I took a old double duvet, it was going to be thrown away, I made 4 cushions and a dog bed from it, I used material I already had, so the cost was very small, I took some photos for you, I have also included my kitchen pine unit that I redone.

as a treat for you I took more photos of my Queen Marys Dolls house book, this was another junk shop find, I have a number of books that I have collected over the years, I got very lucky last year, the lady who owns the Attic shop, had a job lot of dolls house furniture and books come in and knowing that I was well into miniatures she saved them for me and I got most of them, will not say how much, but I definitely got a bargain.

anyway enough nattering, here's the pictures. there is a lot to see, I mean a lot

my pine cabinet

2 cushions

2 more cushions

the start of Queen Marys dolls house
dog bed, (not Queen Marys mine )

II hope you enjoyed them

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Great finds and a new book

Hi all
found some great items yesterday at my favourite junk shop, "the Attic" I try not to visit here to much as I always come away with something, its one of those shops that has everything and its jumbled up so you have to really look, I always come away with something I did not know I needed till I saw it, you do that or is it just me?
anyway on to the finds, there are a lot of pictures for you to see,
The first lot of pictures is from a great book called "Dolls for the Princesses"
this is about 2 dolls called "France and Marianne" these were gifts for Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret, they were presented to King George V in 1924, from France, the dolls are beautiful and came complete with the finest of clothes and accessories , they are I think on display at Windsor castle along side Queen Marys dolls house, ( I have that book as well)
this book cost me £2.50 and is such a bargain, I would of paid much more for it,
now I will let the pictures speak for themselves, grab a coffee and enjoy.

the other finds are some crocheted doily's , these I will use as maybe bedding, tablecloths,depends were they take me,
One I very carefully cut up and this gave me loads ,
so having had such a great day yesterday, today is my Pyjamas day, I sit and watch the reruns of Dallas all morning.
hope you enjoy the pictures