Saturday, 31 December 2011

happy new year

To all My friends
have a Happy New Year, may the new year bring you peace and happiness x

great news, saw the cardiologist yesterday and my heart is fine, I have got to have a scan but this is just to make sure everything is ok, my blood pressure was a bit low and I have to keep an eye on that, and i have to rest more and none or little stress!!!, he said it will take me a long while for my body to get over the massive bilateral embolism and heart attack that I had in may of this year, and I have got to stay on the warfarin as they are helping me to keep alive, as my blood clots for no reason, then he said Happy New Year, buggar

I am so glad I have my miniatures to keep me sane, new projects here I come
have a great day and see you in 2012. x
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