Friday, 22 July 2011

Well I stripped, rubbed, dressed, painted and wallpapered, I have even laid a real quarry tile floor. even if it is only in miniature I feel I did good, my friend Brenda makes the tiles and she sent me some ages ago I always knew they would come in handy.

I have got a new book    "Thirties & Forties" miniatures in 1-12 scale by Jane Harrop, so good , so many things to make and do, I will hopefully making some of the items in there for my house, I recommend it to anybody, well worth it.

Now waiting for everything to dry, seems to take ages, never mind got a pile of ironing that needs doing shame so better get on to do it.

These show the paint drying, quarry floor, that needs grouting still,

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Today I woke up saying " I have survived another year" let me explain, 23 years ago on the 19th July I lost my daughter Leanne, she was just under 4 years old and had a serious condition, during her short life, she was the happiest little baby I had ever seen, throughout all of her treatments she remained smiling, and every year on that day I become selfish and sit and remember, cry and just be with her in spirit, and I always say I have survived another year.

Now I can begin another year and plant that smile on my face and continue to live my life.

So what have I been up to, well I have been carrying on with my Victorian house, started to put furniture in it. I also decorated the lounge, still need to put flooring down and curtains to make, but I could not resist trying out some of the furniture, I was really pleased with the little round cabinet I got from eBay, you can see it in the corner of the room, so now I am waiting for delivery of flooring before I can do any more, so what can i do,

I had been looking at my 40's house, this still needed finishing, but I had been looking at it for some time as I was not completely happy with the decor, so today I stripped it, yes stripped it, and I am going to begin again, I blame the menopause!!!!!
does anyone else do this? my family was so surprised as they thought it was looking good, but it had been niggling me for some time so here I go again,
I will try to put updates on regularly , but I must admit I do not write my blog as much as I should, yes teacher I will try harder.

I have also put on a picture of a pram I have just redone, there is a before and after hope you like it.

so now I am going to start redecorating my little house, see you all later.

I downloaded the pictures in the panel, and then put a frame around it,  I quite like the effect I got

the pictures, I found in magazines, laminated them added a frame, the settee and chairs I recovered and added cushions.
I also made the coal box, the fireplace, I painted white, added gold highlights and found a cherub, I added this to it.

can you see the round cabinet in the corner.

The hall, the stairs are not fixed in yet, I will leave that still last, the book case holds all the books I made I have put bills and paper work in the drawers, there is a  the chair was an old one, I recoved this in black leather

The masters secret book, it says Tom Browns days on the front, it has a few pages and then it is full of his naked victorian woman, just hope the Mistress does'nt see it.!!!

sorry for the side view, house stripped

inside front

pram before

after I got my hands on it, I covered it with red leather, added covers and a naked baby

hung a blanket over the rail

inside the pram, at the bottom I added a tray, which I filled with baby bits.