Saturday, 25 January 2014


Hi All

yes it begins, I have started  my beach shop. Some time last year I got "The Cabin" I was just lurking on ebay, as you do, and there it was, no bids and for once it could be delivered, so I just had to have it, Why I do not know? I have room boxes, shops, caravans all waiting for my touch, so why did I think I needed another one? I think it is something to do with it being a bargain and I cannot miss a bargain.

I am like that in my real life, if I see something on special offer, it has to be something I use, I get 2 03 of them, I have a secret stash under my bed of all sorts of things, but then we never run out of toilet paper!!!.

Back to my beach shop, first I had better show you a picture 

the Cabin

I took all the pieces out and made sure every thing was correct, it was.

the first thing I did was to remove the window panes I did not want to get paint on them, I could not remove the glass from the doors so I had to mask it up.
I needed  to prime all the wood first, one side done, today the other side. picture below

I am also going to continue to make items for my shop, hopefully tomorrow I will be able to show you what I have made.

I feel pretty good, I have started on a project and started to clear through my stash.

I have told myself, until I have cleared a lot of my unfinished projects and  stash, I will not start my big shop, and I know I said no more buying, I have had to get a couple of minis, but I justified this  by telling myself its for my big shop and this will not be sold. Funny how I can easily find an excuse!!

catch you all tomorrow, have fun whatever you are doing

Thursday, 23 January 2014

not been able to blog!!!

Hi All

yes that's right I have not been able to blog, for some reason i lost my blog, did I panic,I eventually worked out what was wrong, I had some how hidden it!! don't ask me how, so I am back, thank goodness

Then I could not post any pictures I have lost my camera battery charger, I have put it in a safe place, so safe I do not know where it is, I ended up buying a new camera, did not mean to do that either, I went on ebay to look for a battery charger and stumbled upon a camera, better than mine for 20.00 I quickly put in a bid and got it. It came today so I have been playing around with it, I love it. But being sods law I bet my charger will turn up now.

So what have I been up to. well I have started putting stuff on ebay, I have loads to go on I have been helping my dad clear out the bungalow, he does not want ornaments so will be trying to sell them for him. I never knew my mum had so much stuff.

My new years resolution is to work trough my stash and start to get rid of it, I have so much, anyway I started on the first item, and it was a nursery set, so I have repainted it added soft furnishing and lots of extras, I am pleased with how it turned out and tonight I put this on ebay, wish me luck.

I have also started working on minis for my next project, a beach shop,  have a look at my photos

for my beach shop