Thursday, 30 June 2011

bed forgot to post

oops in my excitement forgot to show bed,
thanks Norma, will try that it sounds easier than the way I did it.
hope you like this, I hand stitch all my work and you can remove the covers, I did stiffen the throw but it can be removed.


In between resting I have been going into my work room and doing some more projects, I had a very tatty settee and chair that I had been looking at, I decided to give it a shabby chic look,
I forgot to take a photo of before, so I will try to describe it, it was a horrible brown colour with shaky legs, so I removed the old varnish, strengthened the legs, gave it all a base coat of white then painted it a light blue, it had a flat cushion, so i decided to make square cushions, i had never done this before but I was pleased with the end result.
below is a tutorial of how I made the cushions.

1. I measured the settee and chair, and made 3 box shapes from cardboard, I then covered the sides with my material, I did this to all the cushions,

2. I then sewed the top cover to the front of the cushion box.

I also filled the box shape with wadding.

3. I then stitched the material all round the sides and back to complete the cushion, I also added white braid to the seams to finish it off.

Showing all side stitched

finished cushions with white braid.

I hope you managed to understand how I did this, I am sure there is a easier way to do this.
I then finished off my settee and chair.

I hope you like it. i also finished off my bed, this started off as a gold bed, I repainted it black, leaving the knobs gold, I then made the covers and dressed the bed.

I am starting to feel much better now and I am gradually increasing the amount of time I spend in my work room, last week i had intended to put my bits on Ebay, but went out instead so hopefully this week end I will find the time.