Saturday, 19 April 2014

Is it me!!!!

Hi All

Yes I am asking is it me? I do like Google chrome, but it does cause me problems, it has just took me 3 days to get my blog back, ever since I downloaded Google chrome it has caused me problems, I have been to the help page and it seems it does have teething problems!!, I am giving it one more go and if I still get problems I will remove it. I just wonder if anyone else has had problems with Google chrome ?
I am not sure how I did it but I got my blog back, I did have the sense this time to make a note of everything I did so if it vanishes again, hopefully it will not be to much trouble to get it back.
So while it is working I will give you an update on what I have been up to.

My son belongs to a biker  group and they are having a bike fest in August, they were looking for something different as a prize in the best bike competition, so me being me said "I will do something" the idea I have is to do a diorama, this will be inside a bike helmet, I will have a couple of bikes on the walls and a bike being worked on, there will be posters, tools, helmets and anything else I can think of, if anyone has any ideas please let me know, I am still in the planning stage, I have got a couple of motor bikes from ebay, I did not even try to make one, my son and his mates will be providing the helmet. I am also going to have a stall selling shabby chic home decor items and some of my miniatures. Looking forward to it.

So what have I been up to? I have continued with my painted miniatures, this time I have done another wardrobe, I repainted this red and then painted flowers on it, distressed it and then covered it with varnish, I like this one, but it will be going on ebay soon, I am continuing to do well on ebay.
I also repainted and recovered a 3 piece suite, I got some lovely black and gold fabric and had been looking for something to use it on, I think it looks lovely.

The other thing I made was a mini draw (real life size) this had been sitting in my shed, again I repainted this added some hearts and varnished it , I also had a small ?key hanger, I painted this blue, distressed it and added some pretty birds. I am not sure if I should keep these for my stall or try them out on ebay to see if they sell.

Bit of good news, well for me, my dad has given me a small glass cabinet, and it is the right size to stand my new dolls house on and I can display my miniatures in the cabinet as well, we just have to find someone to bring it over to me, and I have brought another printers shelf, so i am busy cleaning it up, this will be going on the wall to show my ever increasing collection of special minis.
Well I think I have nattered enough, you will be getting bored by now, so here are my photos 

the draw unit

key rack

painted wardrobe

I also made silk cushions to go with the suite