Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A quick update

Hi All

Just thought I would pop in and update you all on what is happening in my life.

My shoulder is gradually recovering, I am able to move it, but only from the elbow, I am no longer on any extra pain control, I exercise everyday, and can move my hand and lower arm quite easier now. The nurse is still coming in twice a week to do the dressings and I should have the stitches out later this week.

My mum, we are still waiting to see what the doctors are intending to do,  she is very positive and says she will beat this. My brothers and I went over on Sunday, is was a lovely visit, some tears, very positive thoughts and lots of laughter, it is not very often that we all get together and my mum really enjoyed it. I was a bit shocked at the amount of weight she has lost and how tired she is. I ring her every day and try to visit as much as I can. It is difficult as I can no longer drive, so I have to rely on others for transport. 
I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your kind words and wishes. it gives me a warm feeling to know you care.

It makes me think, we do not know each other, we have never met, but through the web, we are able to communicate, give support, encourage and laugh, you are always there, its like having a new family, that you can talk to, you never judge, you are just there. I for one am very grateful that I have you to turn to.

I am missing my minis, but I am trying to  be productive during my in-forced rest, I am sorting out my work room, labelling and creating better storage for my minis. Yesterday I decided to put white card at the back of the small cubby holes in my printers drawer, and then put my collection in a better order, they look very good now, and my tiny minis stand out and can be seen better. I will try to get a photo for you to see.
I have gone through my fabric stash (how did I get so much) and separated them into boxes and labelled them, patterned, checks, silks and so on, will be a lot easier for me when I am looking for fabric.

I now want to go through all the furniture and small miniatures I have collected and sort them into bits I want to keep, by the time I am able to start making minis again, I shall be so organised, but I bet it will not take me long to muck it all up.

I have been keeping up to date with all your blogs and I follow them with interest.
I have been collecting ideas for my next lot of mini making, so you see I am not being idle.

Don't you find Pinterest addictive, I have spent a lot of time on there, just looking at every thing that interests me, but once you start, you cannot stop.

so that's it a little update, see you all soon