Saturday, 19 May 2012

new project

Hi All
First I must say a big thank you to my new followers, I hope you enjoy my ramblings and projects, please feel free to comment I love comments, and talking about comments, thank you all for the lovely comments you have made about my shabby chic shop, they mad me feel very good and I am glad you liked what I had done. I am now going to put the shop up for sale, half of me does not want to sell it, But I have to do not have the room for all my projects.

So on to my new project, sometime ago I picked up from the kiddies shop a set of tiny chickens, they were so cute, I thought one day I would make a use of them, and that day has come.

This time I am making the chicken coop from scratch. I found a small cardboard box, and used this as my base. I sketched a drawing of the design I wanted.
I then started on the box, I shaped it and cut out the windows and doors, I lined it with mount board, using tape I put it together, I papered the ceiling and started to paper the walls, I need to finish this today.

I am using corrugated card for the roof and outside walls, I painted the roof and have left that to dry, then I covered the box in the card and then painted it, that was left to dry,

I will be working on it again today, I need now to design the inside, I think I will be having a half flooring the ceiling to have as a bedding area, will have to work on that to see if I can make it work.
anyway have a look.

 shaping of the box

this will become the roof

I found this window, fitted to box

box covered with cardboard and inside decorating beginning

the family

Muppet my puppy in her bed, in the work room

Freebie, she loves the camera

Thursday, 17 May 2012

slow day today

Hi All
had a good day today, I went to my local dolls house club, lots of nattering and laughter, not much work done,
I have had a few ideas about my next project, keeping it to myself for a while, need to sort out what is the best way to do it, one clue they cluck!! that's all you are getting for now.

I did do something, I redone a bed that I had hanging around, I repainted it, distressed it, added some paper to the bed ends and a padded head board. I then made some covers and cushions, have a look. This is going in my for sale page.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

It is finished

Hi all
yes its finished, and I got the bicycle and pram done as well, not sure what happened but I was on a roll, so without further ado, here it is
The grand opening/

And here is the after. The bicycle and the pram.

The parasol I made from using a toy plastic umbrella and painted it pink and added lace.

A reminder of what they looked like before, do you think they look better.

Tomorrow I am going to the dolls house club, I also need to start to think what I will be doing next!!

nearly finished

Hi All
must just talk about the weather, I know I keep talking about it, but yesterday we had sunshine, rail, hail and thunderstorms, how weird is that, can't wait to see what happens today.

I finished the other side of the roof, I cut up lolly sticks, put them on the roof, and then painted them, when it was dry, I dry brushed other colours over the roof and added some moss, it looks alright.

today I can attach the front, a few finishing touches and I am nearly finished.
I found a bicycle and a pram that I am going to use to stand outside the shop, they both need work on them. And this time I did remember to take before photos, have a look

I would use this method again, its cheaper and easier


Monday, 14 May 2012

we have lights

Hi All
Busy today, I finally got the lights in and they work, they are the hardest things to do,
It looks pretty impressive even if I say so myself.
anyway have a look for yourself

my weekend

Hi All
Do not like to brag, but I am going to, we have just had 3 days of sunshine, yes you heard me the sun has been shinning, did not last, got up this morning to rain!!
I did manage to get some gardening done, my son mowed the lawn, and I did a bit of weeding, I did have plans to do more this week, but have to wait for a nice day again.

Up very early this morning 5am!!!!! my pain levels are quite high, sure the damp weather does not help, I took my tablets but they did not help very much, so in the end I got up and decided to work on my shabby shop, sometimes distraction works, its helping a bit, so
I did do some miniature work, I have finished one side of the roof, I added some black card, which I varnished to the side of the window, this is to represent lead flashing, I have painted some straws black, going to see if I can make the guttering and drain pipes from them, one of my projects for today.

The other side of the roof, I decided because I did not have enough slate tiles to make the tiles from large lolly sticks, after a lot of cutting to the shape I needed I stuck them on the roof, I have given it a base coat of grey, when this dry I will add more colours and moss to finish it off, I did not think it would matter that much if I did not use the slate tiles as we very seldom see the back, so hopefully by using paint I can get it to look like slate, will be working on that today.

I have finished the inside of the shop front, I have made the net curtains to match the other ones, it id not have glass to put in the shop windows, so I have used acetate with a light brown flower pattern on both shop windows, its looks very good, so was pleased with how it came out.

I have also found a name for the shop, "Romantic Rummage" what do you think?

I have added Victorian chatelaines to my for sale page.

pictures of the roof and inside of shop front

the black card to represent lead flashing

back roof

if you look you can just see the acetate

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