Thursday, 2 August 2012

Trash to treasure

Hi all

I have started, I got some photos of "Franks" laboratory equipment, I must admit it looks very interesting, anyway I got out my box of trash and started to create the equipment,
I love doing this as it really stretches my imagination, it took me all day to create 3 bits, I had to keep waiting for glue to dry, before I started on the next bit, not very good at that as I get impatient and want to get it finished, got some photos for you.

I laughed yesterday, I am so glad my neighbour know what I do, we were chatting away and then I said " got to go, my coffins should be dry by now" if anyone had been listening they would wonder what I was doing. yes I made and painted a coffin, may use it for the scene, not sure yet.

Got my appointment today with my consultant, I should find out what is wrong with my breathing, part of me does not want to know, but the other half says if I know I can get on with it and deal with it.

I have included a photo of my babies, I cannot believe Muppet is 1 year old this month, the time goes so quick.
Enough rambling, here's the photos

some of the trash I used

what I made, do not ask me what they are, as I do not have a clue

Freebie(yorkie) Muppet (yorkiepoo)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Starting a new project

Hi All
I noticed yesterday that I have some new followers, hello and welcome to my blog, hope you will enjoy what I create, please feel free to leave comments.

Yes I have started a new project, I have had a black coffin and a body lying around for ages, just waiting for me to do something with, I kept looking at it waiting for inspiration, nothing came, then light bulb moment, I will do a horror scene, so that meant researching what I could do, I finally picked Frankenstein's Laboratory. Sound good?.

I have got several pictures of equipment and of Franks, ( how I like to call him) laboratory,
Yesterday I sat and sorted through my stash of bits and have put aside items that may come in useful. again I will be using trash to try and create this.

So no photos to show you just yet, today I will start to make the equipment, will take photos of the trash I use, so you can see how I transform it into something.

This project is a change from my usual shabby chic miniatures, but every so often I think we all need to create something different.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

a great idea from Jazzi

Hi all, Just a quick note this morning have got blood tests today so do not have long, but I had to show this this

Jazzi, has this brilliant idea for us all to travel, well via minis, so lets all get with her and start to see the world.
have a look and see whats going on, I am sure you will love the idea as much as I do.

just to let you know Summer ended, we are back to rain, I said the sunshine was too good to last
see you all later

Jazzi Minis: Join in my World Trip!

Jazzi Minis: Join in my World Trip!: Join in the Mini Jazzi World Trip! Here is a fun and exciting way to join me in a World Trip. I am going to send "Mini Jazzi" off arou...
you must see this, a fantastic idea, lets all travel the world

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MiniRicamo: 100 Followers Give Away

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check out this giveaway

Monday, 30 July 2012

Had a few days off

Hi All
been a bit lazy last week, I took advantage of the brilliant sunshine we have had, my son and I managed to get quite a bit done to the garden, well he did, I supervised.
we finished decorating the toilet, just needs flooring now, that will come after the bathroom is finished, I can then get both floors done.
Got my haircut and styled, went to town on "the beast" that's what I am now calling my scooter. I love it, I have got so much of my Independence back, I am whizzing about everywhere.
It was my birthday on Sunday, both my sons took me out for a meal, I had a lovely day.
the only minis I did was to finish a scooter that someone ordered from me.
anyway rest over, lots I want to do today, this week, first I am making some new cushion covers for my settee, and a new throw, will have to put photos on.
see you all soon