Saturday, 7 February 2015

good news

Hi All

Yes I have good news, I visited the Doctor yesterday and I have an under active Thyroid, and need to take tablets for the rest of my life and have regular blood tests, but I already have to have regular bloods taken so not bothered about that.
He has not ruled out Angina, I am to have the spray if I get chest pain and go back to see him and he will arrange more tests, My Doctor really looks after me

back to minis, I  have started painting the buildings, I can do 3 panels at a time, I need to get the bottom floor sorted so I can plan the layout and workout the fancy staircase.

I need to decide what colours I am going to do in each room, I want to do all the decorating before I put it together, much easier, I also want to plan out where the lights are going, 
So lots of planning to do.

Thursday, 5 February 2015


Hi All

Thank you for your kind words of support, its lovely to know you care.

Yesterday I had  a ECG and my bloods done,  later that day I had a call from the Doctors, The doctor had looked at my ECG and asked me to come in to see him of Friday, bit concerned as I had been told to come in next week, but at least I will find out what is going on. Trying to stay positive.

I worked on my handbags, for now I think I have made enough,I really need to get the shop built,as I need to work out how much space I will have on the ground floor, and where things will go.

Hopefully will be starting to paint soon.

photo's of my finished handbags, some I have shown before.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

bit of news

Hi All

I have been having a few problems these last few weeks, I had been having chest pains,but me being me thought it was indigestion. 
 Anyway, this week I was supposed to have 3 teeth removed, they found at my last visit,my roots had fractured, and this was causing me problems, hence the removal. 
So after my kids kept pestering me and the severe pitting oedema to my legs, I  thought I better get checked out

After taking my history and listening to my heart, she finally says "I think I detect a heart murmur" what!!  she gave me GTN spray, with instructions if the spray did not work I was to call an ambulance.
Today I have got to have an ECG and bloods taken, and I am waiting for an appointment for an ECHO. as for my teeth, they are staying in place till I find out what is going on with my body.

I am in bit of a shock, but I will not worry about it until I know what the problem is, in the meantime I am still making handbags, should have some photos for you tomorrow.