Saturday, 30 July 2011

Nearly done, finished the sitting room, I decided this would be mothers best room and it is
only used on high days or when the vicar comes for tea, I did notice that she had left her knitting on the seat, they have a telly but it no longer broadcasts as this was turned off during the war, you never knew who could be listening, so they had the radio to keep in touch which what was happening.

I then moved on to the bedroom, this was a bit difficult as I did not have a lot of room, so it had to be fairly simple and not too much furniture, I hope I  have been able to portray the era, see what you think,

need to connect all the lights, attach the roof and front, then I can start to make the Anderson shelter and veggie garden,

I could not let you go without showing you the desk I got off eBay this week, this is for my Victorian house, I love it, I have also won some little ornaments will show you when they arrive.

look at my work room now, the shelves had made all the difference, and no I have not filled the spaces yet, give me time.

anyway enough of the natter lets get onto the photos

can you see the box of dominoes by the telly, they even have dominoes inside

I made the plant from florists tape and wire

see how small the bedroom is?

I hung a jacket and waistcoat on the door

my great desk

new shelving, can you see how organised I am

I made this earlier this week, I repainted the settee and made new covers with contrasting cushions

Well that's it for now, going for a bath now, trying to ease my joints they have been very sore this week, I am so glad I found miniatures as they are a great distraction, have a good weekend

Friday, 29 July 2011

I now have people and they are dressed, I purchased from my local shop a little old lady, stripped her and redressed her with petticoat, dress and apron, then decided to add the head scarf, how easy I thought that would be, Wrong, I tried gluing, them more gluing, no good, then gave her a haircut, as I decided her bun was causing the problem, Wrong again, so back to more gluing, still no good, in the end I sewed it into place, shaping it as I went, finally I was satisfied. For the old man I used a doll I had dressed before in my shed project, I have posed them in the house, I like the fact that they are posable so I can move them about the house.

I have started on the bedroom, no pictures yet, I have laid the floor and varnished it, so it is now drying, hope to do a bit more tomorrow.

Had more shelves put up in my workroom, so now I have some more space, but the comment made after they were up was " you will soon fill them " as if!!!

Looking forward to the weekend its supposed to be hot, about time we had some summer.

Monday, 25 July 2011

going so good

First I must say Hi and welcome to Marie, hope you will enjoy my blog.

Had such a great weekend, ever have one of those days where everything you touch goes so well, I did and it lasted 2 days!!!

I added door knobs and letter box to the front door, even was able to fit a key in the inside lock.
I started with the windows, I used clear plastic and drew black criss cross lines on them, and then attached them to the windows, Then using some black material I made this into blinds using a cocktail stick cut to size and again attached these to the windows.

I then turned to the curtains, as I am redoing the house I used the old curtains, I pleated them using my pleater and used a kebab stick cut to size, I had already made and painted the pelmets, so these went onto the windows.

I re varnished the quarry floor, I was then ready to replace the furniture, I made a new dresser and filled this with all the bits I had, made a clothes horse for the wet washing to dry in front of the heater, just generally tidied up.

I then placed all the furniture in place, this I did take a while over, I was constantly changing my mind where to put stuff, eventually I was satisfied, hope you all like the kitchen.

I then turned to the living room, I made a fender out of a bit of metal I had in my stash, this looked quite right, attached it to the fire place, added some ornaments.

tomorrow will show you the rest of the room, I hope that it all goes as well as it has  been doing,  anyway here are the photos, let me know what you think.

showing windows and door furniture

Sunday, 24 July 2011

quarry floor

Making progress, I laid the quarry floor then realised I had no grout, so I first varnished the tiles to protect them and used some cement that I had in my shed, mixing a small amount and using a cocktail stick, grouted it, as I had varnished first the cement did not stain the tiles and I was able to wipe them down, I then re varnished twice and you can see the effect, sometimes you have to think outside the box to reach your desired effect, I have also now got all of the windows done,  today I hope to start making the window coverings of black out curtains and criss cross the window panes.

I also made a hat and coat rack ( from my new book) I made a few adaptions as I needed it a bit smaller to fit in with my little house. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow,

back of wall, coat rack.

So pleased yesterday, those who read my blog no my other passion is my veggie garden, I picked runner beans, courgettes, beetroot and swedes, can't wait for my spuds.

So sad the news about Norway, my prayers are with you all.