Thursday, 2 May 2013

mornings looking for something

Morning all

The sun is shinning and its going to be a warm day, lets hope this is the start of the warmer weather, after the long winter we need some sun.

Busy day today, I have some garden furniture coming and some seeds to pot, with the skip coming tomorrow I have to sort out what areas need to be cleared out, exciting, as then I can start to plan the new design of my garden.

I did get some minis done yesterday, I had a 3 piece suite that I have recovered, just did the settee and made a long bench, covered in the same fabric, for the dollies to rest their feet on.

have stated my present for my sons wedding, cannot tell you or show you, as they sometimes check out my blog,
Question, I need a wedding cake made (mini) its not a normal cake!! is there anyone out there that can help me out, I can do most things but fancy cakes are not really my thing, would prefer someone in UK, is you can help me please message me, I do have photo of cake, thanks

have a look at the settee


Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Hi All

Thank you so much for your lovely messages and I must say thank you to my new follower's, I hope you will enjoy my blog.

I have not yet heard from the hospital, but now if they contact me in the next few weeks I will have to tell them I do not want the operation until after August, I have my sons graduation and his wedding, it will take a good 3 months for my arm to recover and I would rather wait.

I have been getting some minis finished, I am building up another lot to hopefully sell on ebay, I wait for a free listing weekend before I put then on, just missed one, but they usually come up very regular, I will also put them on my selling page on here.

Jan, the lady who runs the local toy shop, is going to have my music shop on display for a few weeks and also she sells used books for  a charity, so we are putting my fifty shades of grey bed and the books together and making a display,

we are very busy at home, well I say we, I mean my son, I usually delegate, I want to redesign my garden and make it a bit more easy for me to look after and I also want it to look a bit different than the usual lawn with borders, I have been looking at many designs, and have a few ideas, this Friday I have a skip coming and we are clearing a lot of the rubbish, a hedge has been taken down and the people that lived here before me left a load of rubble, so busy day.

have a look at what I have been doing.