Friday, 26 November 2010

Christmas is coming

Christmas shop, I made nearly everything in the shop, including dressing the dolls
this was sold

Woke up this morning looked out the window it was very icy and cold, lots of frost over the garden, its begining to ;look a lot like Christmas, we have no snow yet but they say its on the way, still busy making my xmas bits, made 14 cards yesterday, to cold to go in my work room, last year I made a Christmas room box so I thought I would show you it

hope you like this one

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Welcome Pan

Hi Pan,
welcome to my blog, I hope you find it interesting, thank you for your kind comments, I am really pleased to have you all following me it gives me confidence to know others enjoy my creations,
I am getting stuck on the web site I am trying to create harder than I thought, may have to to talk nicely to my son, if I can get him off his play station long enough to have some sort of conversation, kids!!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

the photos

Remembered to take the photos, first up the Xmas decs, these were made by using craft eggs and material, I had to cut up so many squares, fold them into triangles and cover the eggs using pins, hence the sore fingers. I just love them do you like them?

the next lot is the furniture I carefully  took off the varnish around the edges and repainted using Liqued gold, I have to now start to dress them,
well more to do so catch up with you later

morning all

Morning every one
and what a cold one, glad I do not have to go out this morning, we are sitting here with no heating, waiting for workman to come round, my timer panel went last night and we could not get hot water or heat, lucky I have a electric heater that I use in my work room, trouble is it makes my joints very sore and its difficult for me to move so I get very slow, my son always says I am doing my old persons impression, well at least he knows what I will look like.
well that's life these things are sent to try us!!
back to miniatures, I am busy restocking the items that have been sold, came out the blue that one, so making some more stuff to go in my friends shop, just destroying items at the moment ready for me to re do, will have to put before and after pictures on for you to see, make a note to remind me as I get forgetful, last night was so pleased I am making my own Xmas decorations and got some lovely cones finished, used material, but fingers very sore from all the pins I had to push in the egg, curious? will add pictures later, got to get batteries for my camera. add that to my list.
Have been having problems with my other dog, Freebie a little 2 year old Yorkie, she missed Beth a lot and pined for her, she is only now beginning to eat properly and play, worried me for a while, the only thing now is she is very clingy and whats to be with me all the time, can be difficult when I want to go out, I am hoping that she will give me puppies in the new year, I want another dog so does my mum and aunt, will not be selling them do not believe in that would be forever checking up that they are being cared for.
told you I ramble on.
theres the knock on the door, will have to go hopefully heater man
bye for now

Monday, 22 November 2010

Hi Lucille

Hi Lucille
thats for your lovely comments and I look forward to you following my blog.

So busy

Items sold this weekend .

Busy Busy Busy, so much for starting my Egyptian shop, there I am busy making my bits to go in it and I get a phone call from my friend Pat who has a dolls house shop, she has just sold some of my furniture and needs more, so everything went on the back burner and I got busy, got a double bed done and have started on a nursery, not complaining just glad my bits are selling, apparently the lady who brought it was very pleased and will be looking for more of my work, fame at last,
I also got it into my head that this year for Christmas I would have a totally different look for my decorations, so I have been making my decorations, I am stitching bells, stars ect, must be mad have loads of decs in the loft but wanted to do my own,  am recycling material and have set myself the challenge of making them as cheap as possible, spend so far 5.00, when done will put on some pics for you to see.
Not liking this cold and damp weather makes my joints ache so much, some days I have to increase my medication and then I cannot do anything as they make me very sleepy, so I have to work when I can, never mind there is a lot of people worse off, my glass is always half full and i think its my happy attitude that keeps me going,
well that's all for today folks must get housework done, boring,
thanks for taking the time to read my blog, I look forward to any comments,
take care